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C.J. Spiller: "This is what I got drafted to do"


RB C.J. Spiller**

Wednesday December 26, 2012

Q: Your third in the AFC in yards from scrimmage, and 5th or 6th in rushing yards, do you think you will make the Pro Bowl.

A: We will see tonight. If I do it will be awesome, but if I don't it's not going to take away from what me and the offensive line and the guys that were blocking were able to do this year. We'll find out tonight if I was able to make it.

Q: Do you think obviously playing now for a losing team doesn't help your chances.

A: Well, I'm not sure you know. It's new territory for me I don't know how much they take into if your team makes it to the playoffs. I know it has a lot to do with the fan voting and the coaches so it's going to be very interesting to see what happens tonight.

Q: Never the less being third in the AFC in yards from scrimmage how does that feel.

A: Well you would love to be number one, but it's always good to aim for something. I just try to just play football and just have fun while I'm doing it, that's really been the biggest difference this year why I have been able to do what I've been doing.

Q: Is it difficult at all to get ready to play a game this week.

A: Not for me. This is what I got drafted to do, go out and try to win ball games. I know we aren't playing for anything but there is still another team on our schedule and I expect for me and my teammates to go out there and give a great effort and try to come away with a win.

Q: Considering all you have done and we always talk about you not getting enough touches is 2000 yards from scrimmage in your future and a goal you set for next year.

A: It could be a goal that I set. I usually don't set them until the beginning of the season I put them on a sheet of paper and I look at them and then I go play.

Q: How many of this year's goal did you achieve.

A: I will let you know on Monday.

Q: Have you ever been to Hawaii:

A: I have been to Hawaii. I went to Maui. It is great over there, great weather, great people.

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