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C.J. Spiller: "We were able to get some flow going"



Q: It seemed like the Dolphins defense was trying to keep you from bouncing outside.  Did you notice that?

Yeah they did and I kind of noticed that.  To me it seemed like they didn't want me to go outside and you know I just have to do a better job of when I see teams doing that getting north and south and taking what they give me early on and then eventually I thought the second half we were able to get some flow going and the cut back lanes were there and I just kept telling my offensive line that I got to continue to get the two's and three's like I've been saying all week and eventually one will pop. 

Q: What happened at the end of the first half when you were on the sideline for six straight plays?

I'm in shape.  You know, I got a little winded and I had the big run right there and I got all the faith in Tashard (Choice) but once I got my wind I wanted to go back in but Coach Gailey wanted to stick with what we had out there and I never question that and when I'm in there I just do what I can.

Q: What do you think led to the struggles in the second half after moving the ball so well in the first half?

I think those guys just picked up their intensity and we didn't.  I thought from being out there,  I thought their defensive line started playing a little harder than what we did and that's stuff that's easy to correct and I just kept preaching to my guys that we got to pick it up and that's a good rush defense.  We knew it was going to be hard, those guys are professionals, they do a good job of fitting gaps and stuff.  We just got to do a better job of scoring points.  We love Rian Lindell to death but the only time I want to see him out there is on an extra point.

Q: What do you think of the fans that came out tonight?

I thank them, they are diehard fans, you know, they didn't have to show up tonight and it was a sold out game.  We were on a little three or four game losing streak, but they did and they stuck with us and that was a big part of us being successful.  They made it loud for the opposing team and I'm looking forward to December to get back out there. 

Q:  How does it feel to be embraced by the fans? The main thing is just staying humble because one day you're going to have fans that praise you and the next day they can tear you down.  So, you just have to stay humble, stay even keeled is what I call it, but I love all my fans out there, I appreciate all the support and all the encouraging words I got on my social media throughout this week.  Everybody was very supportive and they definitely believed in me and when you have that that can only give you more confidence to believe in yourself.

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