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Chad Michael Murray's 50th All-Time Team

Buffalo born actor Chad Michael Murray might still be considered a young Bills fan, but don't assume he isn't up on his Bills history. The star of 'One Tree Hill' (WB network) has a depth of Bills' knowledge that goes beyond his years of donning Buffalo's red, white and blue as evidenced by his picks for his Bills 50th All-Time Team.

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Here now is Murray's 50th All-Time Team offense and special teams. We should note however, that voting is now underway for defensive and head coaching candidates.

12 - Jim Kelly
Chad's take: Just can't beat his heart and soul during the glory years... H. O. F. and tough as nails... An all around great guy that truly loves Buffalo!!

Running back
32 - O.J. Simpson
Chad's take: He had the 'Electric Company' to turn on the 'Juice' and as much as I love Thurman he didn't have any Hall of Famers leading the way.

Wide receiver
83 - Andre Reed
Chad's take: Quite simply, the man should be in the Hall of Fame.

80 - Jerry Butler - Wide Receiver
Chad's take: Incredibly talented but an injury shortened a never realized career.

83 - Lee Evans - Wide Receiver
Chad's take: Born a Bill and hopefully will stay that way.

Tight end
88 - Pete Metzelaars
Chad's take: He leads the Bills in most TE stats. Part of our glory years and a very clutch player.

Offensive line
75 - Howard Ballard
Chad's take: "THE HOUSE" he is a big reason for our early 90's success.

68 - Joe DeLamielleure - Offensive Line
Chad's take: Just can't question this Hall of Famer. He's on the Wall for a reason.

71 - Jason Peters - Offensive Line
Chad's take: In my opinion he is underrated and under appreciated, but a Buffalo Bill through and through. He's a brick wall and created solely by Buffalo. Originally a TE and we moved him to tackle. Good move.

67 - Kent Hull - Offensive Line
Chad's take: I've heard Jim Kelly say many times that Kent Hull was the greatest center and a Hall Of Famer he will become. Jim would know.

66 - Billy Shaw - Offensive Line
Chad's take: Back in the early days of football no one represented a Buffalo Bill better than Billy Shaw. He played hard and earned every accolade he was given.

Special teams89 - Steve Tasker
Chad's take: Only special teams player elected to seven Pro Bowls. He's a Buffalo Bill through and through.

2 - Steve Christie
Chad's take: He holds the Bills records including distance.

8 - Brian Moorman
Chad's take: I love Paul Maguire but Moorman is a stud. Tough pick.

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