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Chan Gailey: Bills looking to"Finish it off with a win"

HC Chan Gailey

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Q: OG Andy Levitre has been such a steady constant over the last few years. Maybe just speak to him being available every Sunday.

A: Yeah you do not find a lot of players, we have not in particular, players that are there week in and week out the way he has been. He has been solid, 'Steady Eddie' for us and played well. He has been one of the pleasant things for offense as far as consistency goes.

Q: It is another season with a ton of injuries. Is there anything you can point to as to why injuries keep piling up like this?

A: No because it seems like about three-fourths of them are just freakish almost. Guy gets hit from the side or he gets like Scott (Chandler) last week—just put his foot in the ground to try to plant and go and his knee went out. I cannot put my finger on it. I wish I could. I would like to know that.

Q: Is there a chance S Da'Norris Searcy goes on IR this week?

A:  No, I do not think so.

Q: Any reasoning not to open up a roster spot?

A: Just do not need the spot right now.

Q: Injuries…TE/FB Dorin Dickerson?

A: Looks like he is going to be able to go and practice today. Looks like he will be OK.

Q: WR Marcus Easley?

A: He is going to go. He is going to try to do some things in practice. Chris White is going to try to do some things in practice today. I do not think any of them will be what we term full practice, but they will be limited practice.

Q: DE Mark Anderson?

A: He is going to go today and we will see what he has got. We have almost kind of hit a wall with him getting back. He is going to try to go and he wants to. It is not from lack of want to, it is just not coming as fast as we had hoped at this point. It went really fast for a while and then it has kind of hit a wall.

Q: What about the wide receiver situation?

A: We are going to be struggling to do some of the things that we need to do. To get into some of your two tight stuff, you might have to put an extra linemen in there to get some of that done. There is some things with Marcus not being 100-percent. Just for your information, Ruvell Martin will not be at practice for the next couple of days with a personal excuse. He is excused. We have got some work to do to make sure every goes as smoothly as possible and we are able to do the things we need to do.

Q: You think WR Ruvell Martin will be back for the game though?

A: Yes.

Q: Talk about ending on a good note and showing what you guys have against the Jets.

A: Yeah. Obviously you want to win every game, but to win the last one and especially against the Jets—that is a team that we all want to beat any time of the year. It would be great to get a win. Finish it off with a win like that instead of finishing losing. You do not want to do that obviously.

Q: What can you put your finger on what wrong and what would you have done differently?

A: We will do an off-season evaluation of everything to see exactly where we were. We have shown signs of life at times that have been pretty good and then we get into that lack of consistency. I think we have got to figure out why we have that lack of consistency. The main focus is on this week and this game. Let's get through this game and we will make evaluations as necessary.

Q: Would you consider both S Jairus Byrd and RB C.J. Spiller deserving candidates of the Pro Bowl?

A: Sure I would. I am totally biased, but sure I would.

Q: Have you been given any indications on your job status the last two days?

A: No.

Q: Are you tired of answering that question?

A: Yeah. I wish we had won more so it was not an issue.

Q: Do you think you deserve another chance?

A: I am trying to do the best I can every day. That is not my decision. I understand that.

Q: Has this been one of your more frustrating seasons in your career as a head coach?

A: The last three have been frustrating. I have been fortunate to be around situations in the past where we have been able to turn it around in a fairly short period of time. We have not been able to do it yet, so yeah it has been disappointing to me personally. It has.

Q: If you are given another season, what will you do differently?

A: We evaluate all of that at the end of the season. Let's go beat the Jets and then worry about all of that stuff afterwards.

Q: Is this last game being a home game some extra motivation?

A: Yeah. You always want to be play well at home. Everybody wants to do that and nobody wants to play bad at home. So yeah, it is an opportunity for us to play well and hopefully end on a good note.  

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