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Chan Gailey: Bills will "reevaluate everything"



On not going for two point conversions at all during the second half:

In general through the years, I have felt like you do not go for two until you get to the 10, 11 minute mark of the fourth quarter. I thought the way the scoring was going there was going to be quite a few other opportunities either way if we needed to do that. You do not know. It was still in the third quarter when we scored. I never have done that. I always have felt like you wait till the end to see if you need it.

On what went wrong and caused them to lose the game:

Lack of execution on our part all the way around in the fourth quarter. That is how. 

On throwing short passes with a minute left to play:

Yeah, we had some down the field throws going but they dropped so many guys deep. Then you are trying to get somebody to catch and run with it, is what you would like to try and have happen. We did not get that done. We had gotten that to happen for us at other spots. We tried to throw a couple, but we did not get them.

On QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's fourth quarter interception:

It looked like he thought it was a squat corner and the corner ran with him. It looked like he thought it was going to be a squat corner and he was trying to throw it in the hole behind the corner. Stevie (Johnson) was in there breaking out. We had thrown in once earlier in the game. I think that he thought the corner was breaking up on Stevie to stop the short throw and he did not. The corner dropped and went underneath it.

On why the Titans were able to run the ball so effectively:

They hit some creases. They were big runs. We would stuff them, stuff them, stuff them and then they would hit a big one. That is the way it felt. I do not know if it went like that or not. That is what it felt like. There were probably three or four runs that were big runs and the rest of them were bottled up pretty good. So we just let them have some creases that you cannot let a team like that, with a back like they have.

On if he has to reevaluate what is happening on defense over the bye week:

I think we have to reevaluate everything you do. That is what you do with the bye week. You reevaluate everything. You look at it. What is good you try to keep. What is bad and needs work you try to see what you have to do to get it done. That is what you do during the bye week. Everybody does it. If we had won we would still be doing that.

On if he would consider coaching changes on defense:


On if he ever foresaw the defense struggling this much:

I did not think we would give up as many yards as we have given up. No. I did not foresee that. We just have to find out exactly what the problems are and we are not solving them right now. If we do not, we are in for a long year. We have to solve them.

On his confidence level in Fitzpatrick:

It is the same. He made a bad throw at the end. Other than that, he played really, really well. He made one bad throw. If you get rid of all of the quarterbacks for one bad throw, you are not going to have any quarterbacks left. 

On if Fitzpatrick changed the play on WR Stevie Johnson's touchdown:

He did not change the play, he changed the route.

On if there is an update on OG Chad Rinehart:

No. I do not have an update.

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