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Chan Gailey: "On to the next game"

HC Chan Gailey

Monday, November 19, 2012

Q: Updates on the injured guys?

A: (Chris) Kelsay went through individual, but did not do any team. Looked like it went well and we will find out what he can do Wednesday. It looked promising. Fred (Jackson) has not completed everything. Supposedly he will complete everything tomorrow, but everything is on track for him to be ready to go Wednesday.

Q: Is RB Fred Jackson feeling well?

A: Yes. He says he is feeling well.

Q: How about CB Aaron Williams?

A: He is still working. I doubt he makes it this week. He is still working. We have not ruled him or Mark (Anderson) out but they will have a hard time.

Q: QB/WR Brad Smith? 

A: He will be fine. He just sat out today. He will be fine Wednesday, I think.

Q: DT Spencer Johnson was absent?

A: We are resting him, too. He has multiple things, just kind of beat-up. We gave him the day off, so he will be back on Wednesday.

Q: Is this practice today the bonus day of playing on a Thursday?

A: Yeah today is the extra day, which is great. They get to look at the other team. They get to talk about what we are going to do gameplan-wise. Now they can watch some film on their own and it makes sense to them. It is a real positive.

Q: Normally they do not get that till Wednesday?

A: That is correct.

Q: A practice like today—are you cleaning up Thursday's game or totally looking forward to Indianapolis?

A: Totally Indy. You are onto the next game. You talked about all that stuff last Friday and got it done. You are onto the next thing.

Q: Is there benefit to watching the game live on television?

A: I do not know. I watched the first half. That is all I watched. I guess you get a couple things here or there, but you do not really get it a lot. What the injuries were is probably the biggest thing.

Q: If you get DE Chris Kelsay back, is it harder to divide up the snaps with how DE Shawne Merriman and DE Kyle Moore played Thursday?

A: We will have to wait and see how that works. (Chris) Kelsay has been out a couple of weeks now. I do not know if we just throw him out there full boat or not. We might talk about what the best way to handle all of that will be.

Q: Is it encouraging you guys are getting bodies back instead of putting them on the injured reserve?

A: Yeah, that is always big when you can start to get healthy towards the end. That is always big. If we can continue to do that and do not lose anymore, that bodes well for us.

Q: TE Mike Caussin said he was going on injured reserve.

A: He practiced for three weeks and he never got appreciably better. He told me in his own words that he was 75 to 80-percent. That is not good enough. We were not going to release him, so we just put him on IR.

Q: What are your thoughts on a situation like that? He is someone who has been around. Is there some sympathy there?

A: Yeah. He played for us last year and showed a little promise. It is a shame all of that happened for him the way it did. Hopefully he will get better and be able to play again.

Q: When you saw FS Jairus Byrd's interception live and then on tape, what was your impression?

A: Any receiver that has ever played the game would have been proud of that catch. That was an amazing catch. The distance that he covered…You watch it on game tape, not TV, but you watch it on game tape and see when he broke—the whole play was just really amazing. It was a great play. 

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