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Chan Gailey: "We can build off of this"

On his general thoughts on how they played
"You know we have to go back and watch the film but it looked like to me in general they turned their drives into touchdowns and we didn't. We both played some plays during the course of the day, but they were able to get the ball in the end zone. We weren't able to get the ball in the end zone. That's the bottom line."

On if he felt they played balanced throughout the third quarter
"They were playing seven big guys in the box against our three wide sets and you're trying to run them out of that. You're trying to throw the football to run them out of it and we weren't able to do it. We had some passes that were dropped at times. We had some missed time penalties and it cost us offensively. We weren't able to move it consistently and get in the end zone."

On if he feels they need to give RB C.J. Spiller the ball more often
"Yeah, we would like to and we got to try to do that on a more consistent basis. Some weeks are better than others and sometimes they take things away from you that you don't think they're going to do but they did. They surprised us with a defense we hadn't seen very much and we had to alter. I got to do a better job of adjusting. "

On if the man coverage or rush against deep shots was the reason why they did not try more of them
"You know those are good and we like to try to take some shots deep but we do it more with overs and deep outs instead of just throwing a go down the field. We had a plan to do that coming back in the fourth quarter and do a couple of throws like that but we couldn't get to it once we got behind. We had to go back in the shotgun and throw the football. "

On why they didn't throw the ball into the end zone when they were in the red zone and if their play was conservative
"We had the calls to try to get in there we just couldn't get them thrown in there like we normally do."

On if there was any consistent thing that made the Texans so effective defensively in the red zone
"It was just the combination of their pass rush and us not being able to get where we wanted to go with the ball. They did a good job of covering a couple of times and we weren't able to get in there. I tried to run it a couple of times and we didn't make any yards so now you're behind the sticks. We normally throw the ball in the end zone down there but today we couldn't get it thrown in there. "

On why he had WR Stevie Johnson coming out of the backfield and matched up on a linebacker but instead QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw outside to RB Fred Jackson
"It was hot. They were throwing a juke route and it takes time for him to go work that guy and they brought zero blitz."

On if he feels ham strung in his ability to throw down field and get bigger chunk plays
"No I don't think so, I wouldn't say that. I think we're better underneath. I think that's what our guys do better so you try to let them do what they do best but to keep people honest, you do have to throw it down the field. I don't know how many times we did or didn't but we tried to throw a few just enough to keep them honest."

On if their defense had the ability to keep them in the game
"Yeah, they played hard. They played really, really hard today. We can build off of this defensively because that team was in the top five or six in most categories on both sides of the ball and their record is what it is for a reason. Our defense played hard and I thought they kept us in the ball game and gave us a chance."

On CB Aaron Williams' injury situation
"I don't know yet. I didn't get a report."

On his thoughts on DE Mario Williams' play today
"I don't know I'll have to watch the film. I don't watch, I got my head buried over there sometimes in things that are going on offensively so I see bits and pieces. I think I saw him pressure a couple of times and make a couple of tackles out of the back field so it looked like he had a good game but I don't know. I'll have to watch the film."

On what WR Stevie Johnson's health situation was today
"He got hit on the thigh. He kept trying it but in the end he just couldn't go."

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