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Chan Gailey: "We're not putting it all together"


Head Coach Chan Gailey**

Opening Statement:

"I thought the defense played well enough to win the ball game. We didn't execute offensively well enough and gave up the punt return and that was the game. We had some opportunities and we didn't take advantage of opportunities when we got them."

On the passing game struggling against young cornerbacks:

"Well the pass rush had a lot to do with that. They were doing a good job with their pass rush and we ended up trying to throw the ball a little bit more on first down and second down but then you go back and (C.J. Spiller) running the ball extremely well so you want to throw it to stay away from those obvious passing situations where they've got the pass rush coming and you want to throw it and not hand the ball to (Spiller) so we were trying to strike a balance between those two thought processes."

On if he got the balance that he wanted:

"I never make every call exactly the way that it should be made. I always make poor calls in the ballgame. There are things you'd like to have over, that you'd like to have different. That's always the way it is."

On the play calling at the end of the first half, which allowed the Colts to get the ball with time on the clock:

"Well we ran it the last time I think, a hand-off draw. We threw it the first two times. We were looking to get out of there and make something happen. We were trying to get down the field and threw it to Stevie (Johnson) deep on the sideline and he ran an option route and he fooled (Ryan Fitzpatrick) a little bit. He turned inside instead of out so we had that incompletion. We didn't get what we wanted."

On if the decision to punt in the second quarter was because Rian Lindell might miss:

"He might make it and he might not but we were playing pretty good defensively and I thought if we backed them up down there and held them, that was better for us, better percentage-wise and we would be able to go get a touchdown out of it because of field position."

On what they feel Lindell's range is indoors:

"50, 51, 52, somewhere right in there. You always make the decision about that about whether to go for the field goal or go for the punt and play field position and my tendency, for the most part, has been to play field position."

On if he thought about going for it on fourth down in that situation:

"I think it was too far to be honest with you. I think we took a sack before that and it put us too far out. That's why we didn't go for it."

On if he's beginning to wonder on when it's going to turn around:

"You always wonder when you're going to be able to get to the point where you're a consistent contender and you've got to work for it. People don't give it away. This is a tough, physical ballgame and we didn't come out on top. We didn't play well enough to win. You always say 'When are we going to be able to do that' because you have to get there and do that, get over the hump, before you can make the next step and so we're still fighting to get there."

On what T.Y. Hilton's punt return for a touchdown did for momentum:

"Those things, big plays like that, normally turn games and it certainly turned momentum with that play."

On how Indianapolis' pass rush affected their screen plays:

"Well they were doing a good job of their inside guys grabbing our guys, our screening guys, so we actually went to more outside screens than inside screens and had a little bit of success, not as much in the fourth quarter."

On if they were grabbing the receiving targets: "Yeah they were grabbing the receivers and mirroring them and not letting them get out."

On the use of two tight ends and if that was because of the pass rush:

"That's part of it. We thought we could match up run game-wise. That would help us match up run game-wise a little bit better so that's what we were trying to do was be able to match up our run game with theirs."

On how frustrating it is to not get over the hump after three years:

"We're doing some things better. We haven't put it all together. We have one group do well and then two other groups, defense or special teams can't do good when offense does good. We're not putting it all together. We've shown signs of everybody playing well but we've got to put it all together and that's the mark of a good football team and that's my responsibility to get a team to play in all three phases where they need to play to win football games and that's my responsibility."

On if he's starting to question himself:

"I always question myself. Am I doing the right thing to get us to where we need to be? If you don't question yourself and you're hard-headed, to me, you're doomed for failure so you always are looking for what is the answer because it's obvious we haven't found it at this point. I don't lose confidence, I do question though."

On not being able to score a touchdown after Stevie Johnson's big play:

"I don't remember to be honest."

On Pittsburgh losing and this being a lost opportunity to gain some ground in the playoff race:

"It's hard. I told our players our goal now is to get to 7-7. That's where the World Champions were last year, that's our goal. We have to get to 7-7 and then see where everything sits because that's where they were and they won it all so see if we can get to that."

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