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Chan Gailey: "We're still finding out what we have"

HC Chan Gailey

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On DE Mark Anderson:

He looks like he needs surgery and he is going to be out, I do not know how long. Have to wait and see. They are going to tell us after they go in and look at it.

On what Anderson injured:

His knee.

On how serious the surgery will be:

I do not know, but he will be back. It is not like he is going to miss the rest of the season.

On how long the doctors said he would be out:

They just said indefinite. They did not tell me when. They have to look at it first.

On filling the void for Anderson:

We have three defensive ends right now and those guys are going to have to go in there and make it happen.

On what the team needs to do to play better defensively:

Well, we have to play better in the second half. To me we have played pretty well in the first half of both games, but we have just lost it in the second half. We just need to play better in the second half. Play in the second half like we did in the first half and we will be alright.

On what has gone wrong in the second halves:

If I had that answer I would have already solved the problem. I do not have that answer. We are looking at everything. We evaluate everything. We evaluate half-time adjustments. We evaluate everything. What do we give them to eat or drink at halftime; you evaluate all of it. The thing about it is, a year ago we played our best in the second half. So I do not think as a coach you ever have the exact answer. You are just looking to try to tweak a thing here or there to give yourself a chance to be better.

On the running backs being as healthy as they have been in a while:

We need to get (the running game) back. If we do not get that back, we will struggle offensively. We have to have a balanced running game to complement our passing game. We have to use both of them (Jackson and Spiller), get them both involved to let them go play.

On how to account for Arizona's struggles in a game plan and then implement what he wants to do:

I think sometimes we get so caught up in evaluating what other people are doing, you need to be more worried about what your team is doing, where your team is and what we need to do to get better. We are going into the sixth game of the season. It is not like we are in the 12th game; in the 12th game you are more concerned about the other guys. We are still, because of all of our new people, we are still finding out what we have and the direction we need to go.

On if there is concern about getting RB Fred Jackson and RB C.J. Spiller into the flow of a game with them splitting plays:

Yes. There always is and I do not know how to solve that problem when you have two great players at the same position. If one all of a sudden gets a hot hand, it is easy to figure that out but when you go into a game and have two great players, you want to play them as equal as possible. Then see how the game is going—is what you do.

On GM Buddy Nix saying the team needs more of a sense of urgency:

I say the same thing. I have said the same thing. We have to gear it up. We have to play loose, play fast and play hard for an entire game. I go back to we have played pretty decent in first halves, we just have to do it the whole game.

On the offensive line coping with injuries:

It is not easy this time of year to integrate a guy that has no familiarity with your system at all. The great thing is Reggie (Wells) is a nine year vet. He probably has heard a lot of different things, so he can integrate into the system a lot quicker. I doubt he will make it this week, but he should be up to speed to make it the next week.

On how tough it is with parts moving around:

It is not easy, but they are professional football players and we are professional coaches. That is our job to get it going.

On if he doubts OL Reggie Wells will be active:


On if that means the team only has six offensive linemen:

Today that is true.

On the healthy members of the offensive line stepping up:

Yep, that will be a key. We are going to need five of them to step up.

On if the offense should try to take more chances:

No, I do not think that is ever the answer to take more chances. I think you have to play your technique and be sound. Cut loose and play. I think sometimes we get there and we get worried about am I supposed to be here, am I supposed to be there. Know where you are supposed to be and go there 100 miles-per-hour. That is what I mean by playing loose. Cut loose and play.

On if OG Chad Rhinehart or S Jairus Byrd's conditions have improved:

Yes. They are going to sit out practice but there have been some good improvements. Actually, Jairus is going to try to do some things at practice today. He probably will not take team reps or seven-on-seven reps, but he is going to try to take some individual (drills) and get moving. Just do some footwork things. Chad, hopefully he will get to do some things tomorrow in practice.

On if he has any further comments on LB Nigel Bradham's chances of starting:


On building consistency:

I think that the consistency factor is built over time. You have a lot of guys playing together. When you have a lot of guys playing together, that is how you build consistency. We just have to keep working to integrate all the new parts into the system so we can be more consistent with our play. We are not where we want to be offensively. I think we can get there. It is just going to take some work.

On what he sees out of the Cardinals:

Offensively, they give you a lot of different things to think about. They run a lot of different formations. They run a lot of different personnel groupings. They motion or move 50-percent of the time trying to keep you off balance. They do a good job with that, with the run and the pass. Defensively, they are what we have been seeing lately, teams that just fly around the field. They are not as big as some teams we have played, but they are very aggressive. They do not do a lot of different things except on third down. Third down they give you a lot of different looks. First and second down they play extremely hard. They are strong inside. They have some linebackers and defensive linemen that are really good.

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