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Chiefs fans raise $178K and counting for Buffalo's Oishei Children's Hospital

Oishei Children's Hospital

While Bills fans make their way through the five stages of grief in the wake of Buffalo's Divisional Playoff loss to Kansas City in overtime, Chiefs fans are trying to spin the result positive for Bills Mafia.

Taking a page out of the Bills Mafia book, Chiefs Kingdom began making $13 donations to Josh Allen's charity named after his grandmother, Patricia Allen, that supports Oishei Children's Hospital.

Chiefs fans chose $13 to honor their team for their heroic play late to force overtime. While that might sting a bit for Bills fans, Kansas City's fan base has raised more than $150 thousand with more donations still rolling in.

Chiefs' fan Brett Fitzgerald, who got the fundraising effort started, insists the choice of $13 was not meant to be a cheap shot at Bills fans. In retrospect he wishes they had made it $17, but the spirit of the action is undeniably pure.

Chiefs Kingdom insists their charitable donations are meant as a sign of respect not only for Josh Allen's performance, but for Bills Mafia, who began this kind of response after then Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton beat the Baltimore Ravens in Week 17 of the 2017 season helping the Bills qualify for the playoffs for the first time in 17 years.

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