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Thursday, May 29, 2008


On this week's practices

The second week of OTA's was pretty good, a little rusty coming off the four day weekend last week, but they worked through that and they made progress. It's really been encouraging to see our injured players, you know the number we had injured last year, comeback and work through these first two weeks. And most of them are working now and fully recovered and that's a big plus for us. The ones that aren't though are all scheduled to be okay for training camp and that's a huge plus too. They're in the classroom so they're getting that work. They're just not getting a lot of on the field work, and in Lee's [Evans] case he's getting individual but not team work, so he's getting a lot done.


On if he had the chance to talk with Jason Peters this week

I have not. No, I have not.


On if he is concerned with a new offense being installed and having Jason Peters absent

Well we would like to have him here, but as you all know it's voluntary. So we certainly can't force anybody to come. We've had great participation and great attendance, so well just keep moving.


On how much being absent from OTAs affects the team's progress

It's not affecting our progress, its not affecting our progress at all. Obviously, we would like to have him here.


On dealing with the roster size without NFL Europe

You know, it's just a number that we have to deal with, so we'll deal with it. If you ask any coach, probably anywhere, they want more guys, you're always looking for more guys and then there's more opportunity but that's just the way it is.  So it will reduce our numbers obviously in certain areas.


On if the roster size will affect the schedule for training camp

No, obviously I like our schedule because I set it. I like what we do, we work them hard enough, and we get them ready. We try to keep the risk reduced as much as we can and I don't think we have to change it. We've talked about it, just decided to stay the same and if we need to change we will.


On what he likes about Matt Murphy playing tackle instead of tight end

I like him in both spots actually. He's a big athlete, he's a very good blocking tight end, good intermediate receiving tight end and he has good hands. We feel like we can still use him there and didn't feel like the addition of 15 or 20 pounds on him will make a difference in that regard. So he has real good feet for a tackle, is very smart and it's a need position. It was when we made the move and so I thought it was kind of a win for him and for us.


On how JP Losman has been

Really good. You know as always he's had a great attitude and a hard worker. I believe he really likes what we're doing and how he's doing it. I really like him, I always have and he's a big part of what we're doing.


On JP Losman's play thus far

He's done fine. Yes, he's done fine. You know this time of year we don't have a lot of football behind us. So, there's some throws that everyone would like to have back. But for the most part, they're throwing the ball pretty well.



On players participating in the triathlon this weekend

Well, I'm all for them. It's a tremendous thing. I don't track it, I don't follow it.


On if he is worried about the triathlon event for the players

Well, it is all part of working out. I'm not a swimmer, so I guess I worry a good deal about swimming. I couldn't do it. But as you pointed out, it is cross training, it is conditioning and they take it seriously.


On if there are any concerns regarding possible affects from the triathlon

Hopefully not.


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