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Coach Dick Jauron- 8/4/07


After Practice – AUGUST 4, 2007


On practice today

We held Jason Peters out of most of practice today. He had a sore calf that he got hurt in the night practice the other night in the stadium. It's kind of been bothering him so we pulled him out and gave some other guys the work. Ryan Neufeld as you saw has an injured knee. We don't think it's severe. Hopefully it's not. He walked off and Bud checked it. Hyperextension is what they said so we'll just have to see how that progresses.


On Brian Moorman not kicking today

Brian is gone on personal business. We know where he is and what he is doing. Hopefully he'll be back on Monday or Tuesday.


On going live today

With a lot of the guys we need to see them and see where they are so it was time for them. It's not a deep group so you can't run a lot of plays. We ran about 14 to 15 plays and it was really good. Now we'll look at the tape and at least it helps evaluate them under live conditions. It's not like a game would be for them but it gives us a way to look to look at them. With the whole rest of the team around them I think it really gets them fired up.


On having John DiGiorgio back today

John was back but he was limited. Our plan today with John was just to get him warmed up and get him back into 7 on 7 and that's really all he did. Then hopefully with a day and half and off we'll be able to start him and see where it goes. We're real happy with John and Paul.


On Paul Posluszny

It confirms our opinion of him. The more you see him the more it confirms why we wanted him or why we planned to get him and why we chose to get him. He's really a great guy to have on the team. He has a great attitude. He's just going to get better. He's a very sharp guy and he works at it. It's a lot of new learning. In some cases its just new terms applied to things he's done before but in a lot of cases it's going to be brand new what he's doing and what it's called.


On George Wilson

He's a tremendous attitude guy. A tremendous guy to have on your team. He's tough physically and tough-minded. He is not defeated. You might beat him on a play but he's never going to quit on you. It's one of a lot of things that I really like about George. I'm looking forward to seeing him play in the preseason. He's a real high character guy


On live drills helping him to evaluate the young running backs

It will be important as we move along but not as important as the exhibition games when we get to them. At this point it's the only live tape that we have of them at this level and it's different. It's a whole different game for them.


On Fred Jackson

Terrific athlete. He's very versatile. As you saw in that brief scrimmage in practice he can catch the ball. He can run the ball. He's an effective runner. He's a sharp cutter. He's got good size. It's not great but he's got good size and excellent strength. Just a real good all around athlete. A guy you want on your team character wise. His athletic ability is outstanding.


On Anthony Thomas

Anthony has always been one of my favorite players because of who he is and how he conducts himself. He's not going to force his way into the front. He's not going to force his way onto people. He's a guy who his teammates have a lot of respect for and he's a pro. He likes what he does and he works at it. He works at the learning part of it. He's a good guy for the younger players to be around.


On whether the linebackers being lightweight is a concern

We'll find out. Paul isn't small. None of them are small people. I mean you take Coy Wire at 230 pounds. He's a big man but it's packed on a tight frame. We have some advantages when we attack at that size and speed. You have to define the play if you want to draw the play out. We could also attack and get the advantage with our speed. I'm not overly concerned about it. In time maybe but we'll see how it plays out. It won't play out just because of that position. It will play out because of our whole team and our whole defense. The line, the secondary, the defense, the kicking game, the offense, the whole thing will come together. I really like our guys. I like our linebackers a lot.





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