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Coach Dick Jauron - Postgame

Bills Head Coach Dick Jauorn
On tonight's game

That was a terrific win for our football team.  Studying the tape I thought they were very talented, and we got some breaks today, but we made some plays.  The thing we talked about in the running game showed up, and we had a number of really good runs, 12 yards, 8, 10, 6, 3, 2, and then of course the big one is what makes it though.  It's what makes the run game and we really ripped off a big run though and it was at a critical time.  We threw the ball well, I mean obviously we put up the 33 points and we haven't come close to that all year.  It was a terrific win for us.  The kick off return they made we have to tip our hat to them, although it was disappointing obviously because we take pride in our teams.  They play so hard that that play particularly, when it occurred, I thought that our guys really took a shot and came back strong, which probably says a good deal about them they do have a lot of character.  All in all it was just an outstanding day, and an outstanding win just for us to get to .500 at the half way point is quite an achievement I think they deserve a tip of our hat and a pat on their back. On the go ahead touchdown trick play

Well you know we didn't think about necessarily tricking them where it is a good play, because we have a good running back and we are running the ball pretty successfully.  It's certainly not a new play in the league but it generally works if you're running the ball effectively and you have someone that they fear in the run game who can throw it, and he throws it pretty well. 

On JP Losman

You can't argue with the outcome and that's the main thing you know to get the W.  Kind of like we said all along we really feel good about our young quarterbacks and now JP put one up on the board today.  It was just a huge win and he came through for us and Lee was tremendous.  I thought he made some really tough catches you know some in-traffic catches which was great to see and then down field too.  You attacked down field

Not any more or less that it has been.  We knew we would take shots, and we took some shots down the field, but I wouldn't say any more or less than had been before.  One thing that was unbelievable today was our protection.  It was expected maybe a little more pressure from them.  I had felt that they pressured a good deal on tape and thought they would come after us more than they did, but our offensive line and our tight ends and our running back protected well.  Notice he had a good deal of time back there and he made some good decisions except for the one throw.

Would it be hard to take JP out after today

I don't know.  We are kind of just enjoying this win and as usual we will wait for any personnel decisions until Wednesday and certainly until I have had a chance to talk with the players. On Edwards Injury

He's not real close really.  What Bud thinks is that it will come along faster now since the swelling has gone down and he thinks he will make big progress, but we will just have to wait and see. On how you held them to 21 points

It's unbelievable.  Well again I think Perry and the defensive staff had a terrific game plan and we change up enough I think to make you a little bit uneasy on that side.  Our tackling from the sideline, their so explosive as an offensive team that you're constantly worried,  the screen play in the first quarter on the first drive was a good example of what they can do and seem to do a lot in the past.  After that we seemed to regroup and catch our stride because we only gave up that one touchdown in that half the other one was the return.  Good plan but execution was the deal our guys just play hard. On the Injuries

Roscoe was a quad contusion and John DiGiorgio we are calling a concussion, although I don't know how severe.

On what happened to Chad Johnson 

It was a scary moment.  It was good to see he was moving.  I think it was pretty clear at least from where I was on the field I could see his legs moving the whole time.  So that was good and you immediately feel a lot better, but I did ask the official what it was because I couldn't see it and he told me it was a neck injury and you know that's always scary.  They stabilized him and got him out, but he did have movement and informed, I believe, that he did have movement by the Bengals medical staff.  Now that you're .500 how does the rest of the season look

I have never been through a first half of a season like this for all the reasons that you're aware of, all the injuries particularly Kevin's situation.  It's nothing new for you to hear, but I really like these guys and they way they respond how they kind of pulled together.  They are just a really good team and where it goes we don't know we just keep playing we have to play it out.  They deserve a lot of credit because they really have been through a good deal but the good news is they have all gone through it kind of together and have stayed together.  They just kept believing that they had a chance and could win.  It's been really different but especially since Kevin's doing well it's been a pretty good journey to this point.  So we will see what happens.


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