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Corey Graham set to take up for Leodis McKelvin


The news was not good for Bills starting CB Leodis McKelvin Friday morning after Buffalo's loss to Miami the night before. After his leg buckled underneath him awkwardly in the first half on a run play Thursday night, McKelvin missed the rest of the game and the diagnosis puts the rest of his 2014 season in jeopardy.

"Injury-wise Leodis has a fracture ankle," said head coach Doug Marrone. "We'll have to see what we're going to do with that. We're in discussions there meaning the roster spot and what goes on, and where we'll put him as far as I-R and things like that."

McKelvin is the team's leading interceptor this season with four, but Buffalo which has been caught shorthanded with having enough capable cornerbacks in the past proactively addressed that need this past offseason.

Enter veteran Corey Graham, who is expected to man the left cornerback position full time for as long as McKelvin is out of the lineup.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to be at corner now," Graham said. "It's weird how things happen. I've been at safety the last four or five weeks and haven't had any reps at corner. Then this happens and you get thrown in at corner. But I'm prepared for it. I've played more corner in my career than safety so that's kind of a natural position for me. It's not like something that's hard to do. I'm just going to go out there and play and make some plays and do the best I possibly can."

Graham certainly didn't want to get more playing time in this fashion, especially knowing the tight-knit nature of Buffalo's secondary.

"Obviously when anybody gets hurt it (stinks), but for it to be somebody that we battle with and someone I'm very close with, watch film together, study together, hang out together, it's a tough situation," he said. "We don't want anybody to get hurt. You hate for it to happen in this type of situation, especially in a game like that which meant so much to him."

Graham played cornerback on a full time basis at the outset of the season and performed admirably in his two starts to begin the regular season at Chicago and home against Miami. He had 13 tackles, six pass breakups and an interception in those two outings. His only other start this season came at safety in Week 6 against New England.

Though he's seen more time at safety on a rotational basis of late, Graham knows serving as reliable depth at cornerback is why he was signed by Buffalo in free agency.

"That's exactly the reason I was brought here so it's nothing new to me," he said. "So it's not a big stage or anything like that. I've been doing this a lot of years. There's nothing spectacular about it. I just have to go out there and play ball."

Buffalo native Corey Graham agreed to terms to return to his hometown and play for the Bills.

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