David Nelson Reacts to Cuts

It was an eventful evening for the John Murphy Show.  Not only was the show being broadcast during the "Kickoff at the Ralph" gala event, but the roster cuts were announced during the show.  When the moves came down, David Nelson was joining the program and shared his thoughts on the players leaving.  Nelson also summarized the pre-season as saying, "We learned we need to get a lot better."  He did, also, express his optimism for what the offense can do, and what he can do for the offense in particular.

The always jovial Arthur Moats took some time away from the party to share his thoughts on the pre-season and cut-down day.  Moats wasn't as worried this year, but talked about the two past years when the "grim reapers," as he put it, were waiting for the players in the parking lot.  John Murphy was sure to bring up how new quarterback Tarvaris Jackson benefited from Moats' hit on Brett Favre, to which Moats said, "He at least owes me a hug or something!"

The event was to benefit the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation, and representing them on the radio was Bills Alumnus Booker Edgerson.  Booker talked about meeting the MC of the evening, Chris Berman, and what an honor it was to know that their AFC championship teams had such a strong impact on him at an early age, along with many other people.  Edgerson said that this is the year all of the Alumni have been waiting for, and that with the moves and the commitment the team has shown, they all expect big things from the 2012 Buffalo Bills.

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