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DE Buchanan sees fit with Bills


Michael Buchanan was caught in a numbers game in New England, which led to his release last month. Now the newest defender in Buffalo, Buchanan's versatility in playing outside linebacker and defensive end might be just the right fit for the Bills defense.

Buchanan's days were numbered in New England after the Patriots drafted two defensive ends this past spring. In Buffalo he joins a defensive unit that is also very deep, but his wide ranging skill set will help his cause in a scheme that is rooted in multiplicity.

"I think I'm a very versatile player and can do anything that I'm asked to do," Buchanan told "Just from what I've seen so far one of the things they do is change up their defense a lot so they do need players who can take on a lot of different roles. So I think it's a great fit."

As a rookie Buchanan filled a role as a third down pass rusher in nickel packages for New England, but an ankle injury limited him to just three games last season before he was placed on injured reserve Oct. 7th.

That's why the call from the Bills to come on a free agent visit last week was an encouraging development.

"I felt good about meeting with the new coaches and I felt good about that they said they're doing here now with a new coaching staff and everything," Buchanan said. "It was a warm feeling coming in here."

Buchanan has some ground to make up when it comes to the Bills defensive scheme, but he's confident he's got enough time to compete on a defensive roster loaded with talent.

"I still have a lot of studying to do," said Buchanan. "I've got to get in the book, but I'll be fine. A lot of the guys are learning the defense as well so I'll do my best to catch up and try to make an impact. It's been a long time coming and I'm ready for it."

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