DE Kyle Moore: "I have to step up"


DE Kyle Moore**

Q: You got a lot of reps on Sunday, how do you feel that you performed against the Titans?

A: Just kind of getting the hand of things. Starting to get a little bit more reps and just really have to go out there and execute with the amount of reps I get.

Q: Does it matter to you what side you line up on?

A: I can rush from both sides. I have different styles for each side I rush on, but I can rush both sides.

Q: Are there any new defensive approaches in the work that you may or may not want to talk about?

A: Obviously we have to stop the run. We have Houston when we come back after this bye. Arian Foster is a great running back, so we have to go out there and just really execute our defense. Just play aggressive and stop what they are trying to do.

Q: Has there been a lot of self-scouting this week and the coaches telling you where you are at? A: Oh yeah. This is the week we reevaluate ourselves and start figuring out what we need to do better going into these next nine games.

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