DE Mark Anderson closer to return


Bills DE Mark Anderson has been out of the lineup since Week 5 and has had a pair of knee surgeries. On Thursday he commented for the first time on his knee rehabilitation as he tries to get back on the field at some point in this final month of the season.

"It was a torn lateral meniscus," said Anderson of the injury he suffered back in Week 5 that required surgery. "They had to go in and scope it out. It had a little catch in it so they had to go in and re-scope it."

Had Anderson not needed a second procedure he likely would've been back on the field already. Instead he's hoping to return to the lineup sooner rather than later knowing there are just four games left in the regular season.

"Each day it's getting better," he said. "The first surgery it really wasn't getting better, but ever since the second surgery everything was rolling along and getting better each day. It's coming along pretty good. I'm rehabbing every day, trying to get the knee back strong, trying to get the quad and everything right."

Head coach Chan Gailey has all but ruled Anderson out for this week's game, but believes the veteran pass rusher is not far off.

"Things are looking a lot better than they were this time last week," he said.

Anderson said there is no timetable. What he's waiting on is for the meniscus to heal. He assured there have been no setbacks since the second procedure. It's left the defensive end encouraged that he'll be able to contribute soon to Buffalo's resurgent pass rush.

"Watching everybody on the D-line they're playing pretty good and playing hard," said Anderson. "I'm just trying to do my part so I can help and get back on the field. Everything is looking good. Eventually it's going to be where it needs to be and then you'll see me on the field."

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