Defensive Tackle Spencer Johnson


PM Practice – August 7, 2008


On having Brett Favre in his division again (Minnesota in 2007):

Definitely, I can't get away from him. Everybody knows Brett Favre, everybody knows he's a great player, we're going to do our best to go and play our game and hope to contain him.


On if Favre makes the Jets a better team:

He makes any team better. He has all of these records, and just being a vet of the game, and knowing how to play football. Brett is a great player, a great player makes a team better.


On if he's ever gotten to Favre:

Yeah, I've got to him a couple times, I've hit him.


On how his arrival affects the AFC East:

Like I said, I can't emphasize it enough, Brett's a great player. He is just one player. He makes the team better, but if we go out and play the way we can play, and do the things we've been practicing out here, play good team defense, then we'll be ok.


On getting reps at defensive end:

It's cool. Defensive line is defensive line, I know I can play it, I've played it before. I just have to get a few kinks out and I'll be all right. I'm an inside guy mainly, but if I have to swing outside, I can do that also.


On playing at end against Washington:

That's why I've been working at defensive end so much this week, just trying to get in and get the zone drops and things like that I have to do. It's just a different look on the outside.

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