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Donte Whitner - Postgame

Bills Strong Safety Donte Whitner

On low rushing yards by Cincinnati and locking down receivers

First off, we wanted to take away the run* *we know that they have two outstanding receivers on the outside. We knew that they wanted to give those guys the ball, those guys are going to make plays. Against the run, they had 28 yards rushing, or something like that and we wanted to take that away and make it one dimensional which we did and we came out victorious.

On ball dropped by Chad Johnson that could have been a big play

That first one right there actually I saw Chad looking at me he wasn't looking at the football that's probably why he dropped the ball and took a bad angle on that and luckily he dropped it. We had words after that play he told me 'I'm going to get that' I said 'ok, next time you come across there I got something for you.' So that's what we said on that and that's what happened.  I didn't try to hurt him or anything it was clean legal hit so I think other teams will see that and see how physical we play now they're going to be looking. So were going to continue to play physical. I hope he's alright they said he had movement in all his parts so that's good I hope he's healthy and able to play next week or the following week.

On the incentive from Chad Johnson's attitude

It is, guys like that, that are great players you rarely get a great hit on them because they're going see you out of the corner of their eye and they're going to get down and they're going to do something. So when you get a chance to hit a guy that talks so much and everybody I had this week please hit Chad Johnson, please hit Chad Johnson and that's how everybody feels especially when you have a good player that talks so much.


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