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Donte Whitner - Practice


Practice- 8/16/07


On his goals with the team…

Everything I do is going toward winning the championship.Why not us? We played the Saints last week, and the Saints came up on one of those runs. I think they had a 2-14 season the year before and then go all the way to the NFC Championship. It's just something you do on the football field- the little things- hustling to the football and playing as a team that can get you to that spot.


On JP Losman…

Well JP is a more experienced quarterback this year. He knows all his stuff. He knows the defenses he's going to see. He's preparing well, and I'm looking for a big year out of him. It's about leading by example, and naturally what comes along with the quarterback position on a football team is a leadership role. So naturally the guys are looking at him to lead.


On the home preseason game…

I think we want to come out and make a statement. And that's with any game we play. That was with the Saints last week - by not letting them get in the end zone, by playing a tough defense. And we want to build on last week. We want to come out strong and show people that we're going to be contenders this week.


On not playing in the Saints game…

I was disappointed because anytime you have the opportunity to go out there with your teammates, you want to go out there and play with them. I thought I was going to play up until 40 minutes before the game. Then coach Jauron told me they weren't going to play me. I had a small hip strain, so it's all good now. So I'm going to go out there this week.


On looking forward to the upcoming game…

I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to get out there on the field.

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