Doug Marrone comments on Mike Pettine


Do you have a history of working with Mike?

"No, but I have admired his work for a number of years and his reputation in this league is impeccable.  Mike comes highly recommended from a number of sources, both within and outside the NFL."

Will you acquire personnel via draft or free agency for a base 3-4 or base 4-3?

"The personnel we acquire through free agency and the Draft will not be locked into a defense that plays one particular front or one particular coverage.  We want defensive players who are tough and get after it, and, at the same time, play smart football."

Do you think the current personnel has the ability to adapt to the 3-4 again, considering the team switched to the 4-3 just last season?

"We will soon will be looking at film of all players and taking an extensive look at their skill sets in order to put them in the best possible situation for them to be successful."

What intrigued you about Mike as a DC?

"His defenses are known for their relentless attacking style. They can be very difficult for offenses and create all kinds of mismatches. When I accepted the job, that's exactly how I envisioned our defense and so Mike was the coach I felt was best suited to lead our defense."

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