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Doug Marrone: "It's a new year"

Head Coach Doug Marrone

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Q: Was the offense a little sloppy today?

A: Yeah in the beginning. They finished strong, but it was not what we wanted.

Q: Is that to be expected during the first day in pads or are you disappointed?

A: I want them to perform better, no doubt about it.

Q: Where were the problems? Was it physical stuff, communication?

A: Execution.

Q: You ran the ball very well last year and then you added [Anthony] Dixon and [Bryce] Brown to the mix, can you talk about what it means to add pieces to an already strong group.

A: Just because we did some good things last year doesn't mean we're necessarily going to be able to do that again. We still have to come in and commit to working hard and trying to establish that. It's a new year, if you think you're just going to roll out there and run the ball well, that couldn't be further from the truth. Every year you have to go back out and build a foundation, and it's going to take a while. Today was the first day in pads, and this is something that will develop as we go along in camp.

Q: You said earlier that separation really comes when the pads come on. Talk to us about what that meant.

A: Yeah, it's been a long time since we've had pads on, and for a lot of guys, since they hit last. The last three weeks or so of the season you're not allowed to have contact during practice, and the next time other than games you have contact is today at training camp, so you have to work yourself in. You obviously don't start right where you left off, it takes some time. That's why I'm glad we're in early. We're not even close to where we'd like to be and we have got plenty of work ahead of us, as you witnessed today.

Q: EJ [Manuel] talks a lot about going through his progression, is that something you look at on tape? As in the balance of when he tucks it and runs and when he just throws the ball away?

A: I don't think I understand the question, but I don't look at it as balance as much as decision making. There's a certain point of where we're at right now, do we want to just throw things up there and go or do we want to make sure we protect the football and gradually get to 'how do we get ourselves open', 'how do we take those risks' and go from there. I'm happy with what he's doing right now, as far as management is concerned. I think he has improved, if you think about where he was last year at this time to this year, it might be one of the bigger improvements on this team, just being that he was a rookie last year.

Q: Do you have any updates on Cordy Glenn, Marcell Dareus, or any of the other guys not participating in camp yet?

A: Cordy has a medical condition, that's all I can really speak about that. I have no indication of when he'll be back. Marcell was due in last night, there was pretty bad weather and his flight got cancelled. He should be on his way right now.

Q: Any injuries to update today?

A: Chris Gragg and Evan Rodriguez both had heat cramps, that's what kept them out. We try to watch guys with those, get them some liquids and back to feeling good. From today, I have not been informed of anything serious from our athletic trainer.

Q: [Darrin] Kitchens too? How about him?

A: He and Brandon Smith will both be out for a period of time. Both have lower body injuries from yesterdays practice.

Q: Does Dustin Hopkins have a chance to push Dan Carpenter or does he have to play his way onto this roster as a kickoff specialist?

A: He has to play his way on to this roster as a kickoff specialist.

Q: You said you expect Marcell here on campus tonight, when do you expect him to begin working out with the team?

A: Last night I said he should be due back in tonight, but weather was an issue. He is due back in sometime before lunch today and he'll be with our weight room staff working out as soon as he gets here.

Q: Was Jeff Tuel was getting some second team reps today? A: Sure, we have a battle for the second team quarterback. We're trying to find out who it's going to be and Jeff did a nice job in OTAs and he's earned himself some more reps.

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