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Edwards reports, sent home

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards reported to One Bills Drive Wednesday, and for the second straight day he was sent home. Three days removed from suffering a concussion rest is still the best medicine for the Bills signal caller.

One of Edwards' best friends on the roster, fellow quarterback Gibran Hamdan, spoke with Edwards Tuesday night.

"He seemed to be doing alright at the time," said Hamdan who planned to visit Edwards Wednesday afternoon. "I wouldn't say there's anything that's bothering him. I think it's just a day-to-day process where he's going through the motions trying to do all the regular things that he would regularly do in whatever capacity he can do them."

Edwards has not practiced with his teammates the past two days during this bye week for the Bills, so getting back into a normal routine hasn't been easy. But overstimulating the Bills quarterback is probably not the best idea in light of the injury he suffered.

That's why Hamdan has only made small talk and not even discussed football or how he's feeling.

"I haven't talked to him about those things," said Hamdan. "I've made a point when I have talked to him to be like, 'Hey, what's up.' And I've talked to him about the weather. I think if I was in that situation the last thing I'd want to talk about are my symptoms. So I haven't talked to him about that. He's trying to get on a normal schedule as much as possible."

Knowing the work ethic that Edwards has for the game, Hamdan wouldn't be surprised if the Bills starting signal caller is a bit frustrated he can't get back into the nuts and bolts of his work. But everyone involved realizes thinking about football isn't what is best for him right now.

"Both of us like practice and film, but at the same time a couple of days off never hurt anybody," Hamdan said. "But I'm sure there's a part of him being a captain and coming off a disappointing loss that he would have loved to be in here and getting back to work. It's  tough because he's a captain and wants to be here and is that type of person, but probably understands it's in his best interests (not to)."

Hamdan said Edwards is not pumping him for information about the last couple of practices that he's missed and Hamdan said he won't give him those details. Hamdan and Edwards' sister Shelby are trying to let Edwards take the lead when it comes to conversation.

"I haven't talked to him about football and that's on purpose," said Hamdan. "That's probably the only time during the year that we'll not talk about football during the week. He's probably enjoying not hearing me talking about football."

But when Edwards has spoken Hamdan says he sounds like his normal self.

"He's himself, but he just doesn't want to talk as much basically," Hamdan said. "When he talks it's been good. I've tried to keep it at a minimum try to not have him talk as much. You don't want him to have to talk as much. That's how I would feel. When I got banged up for half a second against Detroit, when I went home my parents knew not to talk to me that much. You kind of let the person talk as much as they want to."

Bills head coach Dick Jauron gave the players an extra day off as practice scheduled for Thursday during this bye week for the team was canceled.

The Bills have a practice scheduled for Monday. There's no word yet on whether Edwards will be cleared to begin practicing next week. 

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