Edwards working his way back

It took a little while to get it warm, but once Trent Edwards got his injured thigh moving he was able to roll out on his right leg and drive off of it when throwing as he practiced with his teammates for the first time in a week.

"It feels good," said Edwards after practice. "Once it starts getting warmed up and the blood gets flowing through there I feel back to close to being 100 percent, which is obviously what I want to get to, and the sooner I can get there the better."

In watching his starting quarterback head coach Dick Jauron thought Edwards fared well in his first practice since the injury.

"He said he felt good throwing it," said Jauron. "He threw it well and he moved around well."

The big question now is whether or not Jauron will have him play in Thursday night's game against Detroit in the preseason finale. Edwards has had all of four series of work in the preseason and 31 total snaps, with two series in the Washington game and two more in the Pittsburgh game.

Will that be enough to have Edwards ready for the season?

"I really don't know. Honestly it's on the coaches right now," said Edwards. "If we were playing tomorrow, I'd tough it out and play the Seahawks. I can't really tell you or give you a number of the amount of series I need to play. But what I do need to do is practice and get in rhythm with all those guys and that's what we're trying to do through this."

Jauron doesn't appear too interested in risking his quarterback's improving health in the preseason finale. He sounds as if he'd rather have him full healthy for the opener at the expense of some extra preseason snaps.

"We've got a long way to go," said Jauron. "It's early in the season and late in the preseason and have to be careful with what we do from here on in to get our guys ready for the opening game."

So while Edwards wouldn't mind playing Thursday night he knows it won't be his call. As a result he's remained focused only on getting his thigh fully healthy for Sept. 7.

"This is definitely going in the right direction," said Edwards. "Last Thursday it wasn't anywhere near game playable. So I'm happy with the progress I've made with the trainers and that's all I can really ask for right now.

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