EJ Manuel: "I think I've done well"


QB E.J. Manuel **Training Camp — August 2, 2013

Q: Was that a nice way to end the day?A: Yeah, I gave Marquise (Goodwin) an opportunity to go down and make a catch. It was a two-minute drill. I think it was 4th and 8. Marquise did a good job stare, stacking the DB, gave himself a chance to catch the ball and score a touchdown.

Q: Did you try to look him off at all?A: Yeah, you always have to do that stuff, but Marquise is fast. He displayed his speed right there. He made a play and I'm still happy about it.

Q: Did you enjoy watching Coach Hackett running down the field after the play?A: Oh, I love it. Anytime your OC gets just as excited as the guys and the players, that makes you feel great.

Q: Because Coach Hackett is so young in age and you are closer in age, do you have a different type of relationship with him?A: There's still that respect that he's your coach, your offensive coordinator but like you said he is younger so he is a little more hip to things that a guy my age might know about, like the music or current events. But other than that he's still my coach and I still give him that respect.

Q: When you're in the room with Coach Hackett, where are the conversations gravitating towards in terms of your personal game.A: We just critique whatever we see on film, whether it's good or bad. Obviously he doesn't hold anything back. He tells you what you did well and what you need to fix. I just jot everything down that he says so I don't make that same mistake twice.

Q: So far, how has camp gone for you?A: I feel great. I think I've done well. The biggest thing for me like I said last week is continuing to be consistent, continue to build on what we did as a team these last five days in practice. Each day is a new day for me, and continue to get better.

Q: How do you think you've been able to handle the exotic blitzes so far?A: I thought we've done well as an offense overall. I think the line has done a great job protecting and also communicating with me or me communicating with them, however it goes. We have a great back and forth so that we're able to pick up those protections and blitzes and still get the ball off.

Q: Coming off a day off, how do you think you guys did today overall?A: I was proud of how we came out. Not at first because I felt like we came out a little sluggish. But we picked it up right after that first period. I think we played to our level of where we can be as a team. Our defense did great job and obviously those guys are good too. But I think we can do better as an offense than we did. Later on in practice after that first team period, we did a great job in the second half.

Q: Why were you able to have success in the red zone today?A: You just have to be on time. That's the biggest thing. Obviously things happen a lot quicker in the red zone. It was our first day we did some of those red zone plays so obviously you're going to have some mishaps whether it is as at the quarterback position, wide receiver position or line position. I felt we came out and did well. We executed like Coach Hackett wanted us to.

Q: Do you feel like with this offense, you may be able to scramble and keep the defense honest by doing that?A: Most definitely. I feel like if the play isn't open down field, you can drop the ball off to C.J. (Spiller) or Fred (Jackson) or Tashard (Choice). All of those guys can make great plays, so that's the great part about having great talent on offensive positions.

Q: When it comes to those blitzes and pressures, how much of it is time and experience in the field?A: I would say 80-percent of it is just continuing to get rips, continuing to see those looks, continuing to be in that fire, I like to say. The more you can handle it, the better you can show coach you can handle it in the real game.

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