Eric Wood: "It is unbelievable"


C Eric Wood**

Monday, December 3, 2012

Q: Is your injury season-ending?

A: We will see. It is a torn MCL, partially torn so that could be as quick as two weeks or it could end the season. We will see. I have not talked to Buddy (Nix) or whoever will make the decision. In my mind I am thinking get ready to play the last two games, so we will see.

Q: I can imagine your frustration…

A: It is unbelievable. You do all you can to prepare. You keep your feet moving on every play. You think of all the things that could have gotten you in the past and you try and improve it for this year. Have a guy blocked with my legs moving and a guy comes flying down the line of scrimmage trying to make a play on the back. Not a dirty play. He dives right through the side of my knee when I have knee braces on, so fortunately (because) it could have worse. Like I said before, I was just in denial that I got hurt. I just kept playing because I (said) 'There is no way I am staying down on this field. No way this is happening again.'

Q: How long did you play hurt?

A:  Well it happened on a second down, so I played third down and then I came out after that. They evaluated it and said 'Your MCL feels pretty weak so let's get you out.' At that point in the game, the game was in check anyways. I am assuming, I did not watch the end of the game, I am assuming (Ryan Fitzpatrick) finished it out but if Fitz would have came out (of the game) I probably would have came out anyways.  

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