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FAN MEMORIES: The Comeback Game


On January 3rd, 1993- twenty years ago today, the Buffalo Bills created history, a 32-point comeback to beat the Houston Oilers, 41-38 in overtime. recently asked fans to share their memories of the NFL's greatest comeback. Were you there? Share your experience by commenting below!

*Stacie Hauza *I was 12 years old.  The game was blacked out and I was very upset that my Dad was going to the game and that I had to go to a family Holiday party. 

I found a hand radio to listen, and camped out on the stairs at my mother's cousin's house.  She continuously told me to turn the radio off and to be social at the party.  What she didn't' know was that my grandpa, great uncles, and uncles were all asking me for updates every 5-10 minutes- and sneaking me cookies and candy as a reward. 

As the second quarter went on I would burst down the stairs with every score knowing in my heart that we could come back to win this game.  By then end of the game I had made my way down to the bottom of the staircase, making all the men in the room listen with me, and since we started to make our comeback when I was on the stairs, in true buffalo fashion I had to remain on the staircase to keep the good luck.  I remember listening in overtime to that kick, and I ran around the entire party shouting BUFFALO WINS!  My father and his friends didn't leave the game- sticking with the Bills till the very end.  I will never forget that game or where I was during it.  

*Leslie Vetter-Phiscator *I was living on the West Side back then, and the traffic stopped the streets. Grant Street was at a dead stop, Metro busses and all. Everyone was whooping and hollering!  People were hanging out of bus windows, and everyone was singing the Bills Shout Song! I remember calling my brother in Antioch, Illinois and we were both hollering over the phone! It was a great day in Buffalo and a great day in Buffalo Bills history!

Sam TambeI was home on leave from the US NAVY. My Dad woke me up and asked if we wanted to go to the Bills game-and me not being one to miss out on a Bills game I said yes.

It was miserable out, rainy and cold. The first half was very disheartening and I remember my sister asking my Dad if we could leave at halftime- and at that point I was ready to go too. My Dad said we weren't leaving because he had just spent a ton of money on tickets. I am so glad we didn't leave!

The heart of that Bills team would just not quit. Little by little, the boys climbed back into the game. The crowd was the loudest I have ever heard. Warren Moon didn't have a chance once the Bills and the 12th Man got rolling! I'm sitting here getting goose bumps just thinking about it! It was the greatest game that I have ever been to. We BILLIEVED!

Eric WilliamsMy Dad and I went to the game.  At halftime, a lot of people who were sitting behind us left. My Dad asked me if I wanted to leave too.  I figured, it was only half time, and we might as well stick it out. Then at the start of the third quarter, Frank Reich threw the interception that was returned for a touchdown.  At that point we knew the game was lost, but we wanted to show our support for all the awesome seasons that had come before this.  When the Bills scored one touchdown, we felt better.  When the Bills scored another touchdown, the team got its pride back.  On the third touchdown, we knew the game was ours!  Although the stadium was half empty, I had never heard it louder.  When Steve Christie won it in overtime, total strangers became friends in the stands, hugging and high-fiving.  It was the best sporting event of my life.

Were you there? Share your experience by commenting below!

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