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Fitz saddened by passing of Apple Co-founder


There are a handful of tech-heads in the Bills locker room, but few are as passionate about the latest technology as Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's why upon hearing of the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the Bills quarterback reflected on the impact of Jobs' innovations on his life.

"It's amazing that somebody can change your life without you even knowing them," he said. "He's led everybody into this digital age, with the I-Pod, the I-Phone and I-Pad. I really was sad yesterday and it was a funny feeling because I've never met him or come close to meeting him. He's played a big part of my life for the last several years. He's changed the way I live for sure."

Fitzpatrick said he went to the Apple website and saw the black and white photo of the company's co-founder along with the company statement on how they have lost a "creative genius."

"I remember my first I-Pod when I went to college my parents got me my first I-Pod for like $400," said Fitzpatrick, who is rarely seen without his I-Pad at One Bills Drive. "I stand in line for every I-Phone, for every I-Pad because I'm so consumed with all the Apple stuff. If I had a black turtleneck I would've worn it today."

A lot of the Bills' players use I-Pads to prepare for their upcoming game each week by watching game film of their opponents on the tablet device.

Fitzpatrick's appetite for Apple technology is only equaled in Buffalo's locker room by safety Bryan Scott and the two did take time to talk about Jobs after news of his passing.

"We both have everything Apple has ever put out," said Fitzpatrick. "I can't imagine life without Apple and I can't imagine Apple without Steve Jobs. He resigned in August, so he put everything he had into this and waited until the last possible minute when he just could not do it anymore. It surprised me that he passed away so soon after he resigned, but that just tells you how serious and how invested he was in it."

The Bills quarterback said even the knock-offs that exist in the marketplace are because of Steve Jobs. Pixar, the now Disney-owned computer animation company, was started by Jobs.

"Even beyond Apple there are so many technological advances that he has his fingerprints on," said Fitzpatrick. "Wednesday was a sad day. He really was a visionary."

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