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Four downs on Justin Rogers with... Richmond head coach Latrell Scott


In an effort to learn more about the 2011 Buffalo Bills draft class members, has launched a new Q&A feature called FOUR DOWNS …

Today, Richmond Head Coach Latrell Scott talks about the Bills' seventh round selection (206th overall) CB Justin Rogers.  Scott recruited Rogers from Baton Rouge, LA. to Richmond in 2005-06.  He has known the Spiders' cornerback and his family for a number of years.

Scott provides perspective on what Rogers will bring to the Bills' organization both on the field and off the field in today's edition of FOUR DOWNS

1st DOWN
Describe Justin Rogers in 30 seconds or less
He is a hard-working, humble, modest kid.  He comes from humble beginnings and has worked his tail off to be where he is.  I think he is a kid you guys will really be proud to have.  You do not have the success he has had in college without hard work.  

What is Justin Rogers' best quality as a football player?I would say his speed and athleticism and his ability to make plays that some other people cannot make. 

I think he has good functional all-around speed.  Numbers can be kind of screwy. (Some media outlets reported Rogers ran in the 4.5s).   Some people had him at 4.39 at our pro day and 4.4 at the combine.  I can tell you Justin has gone out and competed in the Atlantic 10 track meet for our school and he has posted pretty good track times.  

2nd DOWN

What is the most memorable moment or biggest highlight in Justin Rogers' college career?There are actually a couple.  I actually recruited him coming out of high school when I was an assistant for Richmond.  I remember his home visit.  So that was a highlight for us getting a kid from Baton Rouge to come to Richmond.

When he was a redshirt freshman (in 2007) he returned a bunch of kicks for touchdowns against New Hampshire. So that was a great game for him.

Editor's note:  On September 29, 2007 vs. New Hampshire, Rogers set a school record with 222 kick return yards including an 85-yard kick return touchdown and an 84-yard kick return in a 45-38 victory.

This year against Coastal Carolina, he returned an interception (34 yards) for a touchdown.  So I think the return game against New Hampshire and the pick-six against Coastal Carolina really showed us who Justin Rogers really was.

What is the biggest change you noticed in Justin Rogers from the time he entered school to now?He talks now (laughs).  I would say seeing him evolve from a quiet and shy kid to now, a senior, who is more outgoing.  He became a leader and all the things you want a senior leader to be.  He actually used college for what it is for.  College made him a better person socially.  Crazy enough, when I talked to him on Sunday (May 1) he asked me to call the registrar because he wanted to know when they planned to send him his degree.

3rd DOWN

What will Justin Rogers bring to the Buffalo Bills football team?You are getting a football junkie – A kid who football is really important to.   A kid who is willing to work on his deficiencies – the few he has.  He takes this game seriously.  He is not a kid who is just excited to be drafted.  I talked to him on Sunday (May 1) and he said now the work starts all over again.

What will Justin Rogers contribute to the Buffalo community?He is going to want to be around kids.  He is a leader, he is a mentor.  You are getting a kid who is willing to participate in community service projects and a big reason is because of where he came from.

Justin's a product of a mom who worked multiple jobs to take care of him and his sister.  So anyone he can help who came from the same background he came from I think he will do it.

4th DOWN

What is Justin Rogers' best quality off the field?In college, it was his ability to get people to follow.  Obviously it will change a little bit on the NFL level, but he has the ability to make people around him better.  We tell our younger corners go out and be like him on and off the field.  His ability to help lead and develop younger guys was one of the best qualities he shared with us. 

Does Justin Rogers have a talent or hobby or gift other than playing football?He is a good basketball player.  He was on the state championship basketball team in high school.  I went down there and watched him score 30 points in the basketball playoffs (while we recruited him).  He also ran track for us at Richmond.  And from what the guys' say is he is a pretty good video game player because that is pretty much all he did.

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