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Foxworth: Defense and run game provide the blueprint for Bills future success


As the Bills continue their search for the next Head Coach, there's bound to be plenty of debate over how good a job it is in Buffalo, and how close the team is to success.

At least one NFL observer says the Buffalo vacancy should be very attractive.

"If I were a coach looking for a job I would be excited about that roster."

That's what former NFL cornerback Domonique Foxworth says. He's a contributor for ESPN's "The Undefeated" website and writes regular commentary for the site. Foxworth appeared on The John Murphy Showlast week to talk about the criteria teams should use to select a head coach. He believes teams should look for a CEO-type of head coach rather than an offensive or defensive coordinator.

And he also believes the Bills have plenty of talent on the roster assembled by GM Doug Whaley.

"You look at that roster, it's hard to punch holes in any part of it," Foxworth says. "There have been some injury concerns.  You guys have a talented defense and a reliable running game. That is football. What more is there?"

Foxworth acknowledges that the Bills quarterback question may give coaching candidates pause. But he says there's enough around the quarterback to be successful.

"What more can you ask for than talent on defense and a consistent running game? I know most people would like a Hall of Fame QB, but those guys don't grow on trees."

"You have a really good quarterback," Foxworth says, "who may not be Hall of Fame worthy. But he's championship caliber if that defense can play to its potential and that running game is consistent."

Foxworth is aware of the criticism surrounding the Bills, but he maintains it's a function of missing the postseason again.

"I think the criticism is fair," he says. "They're going to get it because they haven't won.  That's all it boils down to."

"But I think you guys got a good situation there with Doug Whaley. I like and respect what's he's done so far. I hope whoever he selects, or whoever they select, will be the right person."

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