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Fred, EJ gather extra intel on Panthers


The Bills and every other NFL club go to every length to gain as much insight as possible on their upcoming opponent. There's the obvious film study and advance scouting report, but oftentimes players take an extra step to get a feel for the next team up on the schedule. Such was the case this week for Fred Jackson and EJ Manuel.

Buffalo's veteran running back and rookie quarterback both reached out to friends on the Seahawks roster who faced the Carolina Panthers in Week 1. Jackson called former teammate and current Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

"I actually talked to Marshawn (Lynch) and he said they're a pretty good group of guys, so it will be a good test for us," said Jackson. "(They are) active. All those guys, their linebackers as far as down-hill, they read, react and they get there fast. It will be a good test for us, we know that."

Lynch had just 43 rushing yards against Carolina on 17 carries, even though Seattle was able to win the game (12-7).

"He said the number one thing we've got to do is don't get away from the run early," Jackson said of his conversation with Lynch. "He said he only had 10 carries going into the fourth quarter. He felt it could've been a little bit different if they had run the ball more."

Meanwhile EJ Manuel lobbed a phone call to his friend Russell Wilson for some pointers on Carolina, and what opportunities the Seattle quarterback saw in his Week 1 matchup with the Panthers.

"I talked to him this week and he said they were a good defense," Manuel told "But they stretched the ball down the field. That's what he did and I think we'll do the same thing this weekend. Everybody tries to categorize myself or Russell Wilson. We don't necessarily have to do zone reads. He can throw the ball down the field too."

Knowing how stout Carolina's run defense is it will be interesting to see what Buffalo's offensive coaches have determined is the best approach.

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