Fred Jackson: Bills RBs &quotwant to be guys that carry us to a victory&quot

RB Fred Jackson

Wednesday November 7, 2012

Q: Do you think you guys need a little bit more production from your young kids who have stepped into starting roles and maybe aren't doing enough to get this thing pushing forward?

A: You can't just blame them. We have a lot of veterans on this team that have to step as well. I think what we can focus on is that everyone needs to step up including those young guys who are required to play right now. But as veterans we can do our best to help get them ready and let them know what we have seen at that position. A guy that comes to mind is Nigel (Bradham) and he has two great guys out there, Kelvin (Sheppard) and Nick (Barnett). And you have guys like Arthur (Moats) that have played and can help bring him along. We all have to step up as a group to get to where we want to be.

Q: Would you say that the Patriots are now the opponent for the Bills, now that things are established that they are the team to beat every year and how does the series evolve to you?

A: It's always big. First and foremost they're a team that has won this division the most in the past 10, 12, 15 years. They have been constantly on the top of this so we know that it is always important to play those guys. Since I have been here it has always been a huge game for us. This week is no different for us. To get to where we have to be this is a must win for us. We get a great chance to go into a great place that we haven't won in a long time and turn this thing around. It is a huge focus for us. We can't lose any more games and expect to do things that we want to get done. Everybody is focused on that. We know it is going to be a huge test for us but we feel like we can play with these guys. We just need to finish games, so hopefully we can get that done.

Q: For a half, sometimes three quarters, you guys have poured it on them and they have had trouble stopping you. What keeps you from doing that for 60 minutes? And maybe to do it for 60 minutes does it require a tweak here and there knowing how quickly their coaching staff can adjust? And have the adjustments to stop you eventually in the course of the game?

A: I think that is just it. We have been able to get some leads on these guys that we haven't been able to hold onto. For us to get to where we want to be we have to finish executing. We have gotten good leads in games and then our execution just goes out the window. We can't afford that. We know the great coaching staff over there that is able to make adjustments fast and things like that so we have to counteract that with our play. We just have to continue to go out focused and execute what we have on our game plan. It will be a good test for us. They are a good team. We know that they are going to be able to put up points, so on offense we have to do the same. We have to score touchdowns this week.

Q: Going into a game like this where you haven't won in a long time, do you and C.J. (Spiller) look at it and say put more on our shoulders? Do you want more of that offensive game plan on your shoulders?

A: Without a doubt. This is the type of game that you want to be a feature in and make some plays. It is something that we talk about constantly. We talked about it when we walked out of our room. We want to have that weight put on our shoulders. We want to be guys that carry us to a victory. Hopefully we get that opportunity, go out and we are able to make some plays for us.

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