Fred Jackson: "Everybody in this locker room is a competitor"

RB Fred Jackson

Wednesday November 28, 2012

Q: What are your memories of Coach Mularkey when he was here.

A: I didn't have a chance to know Coach Mularkey. His last year was before my first year here. My first year was with Coach Jauron.

Q: How difficult is it going to be this week to get up both for you and the team, with the loss to the Colts it's not over, but it's not looking great for you guys. How do you recover and get up for this now?

A: This is what we do. It won't be hard for us at all. Everybody in this locker room is a competitor. We're going to come out and continue to play and fight because that is just what we do. That is the type of character that these guys have. It won't be hard for anyone to get up and be ready for this game this weekend.

Q: Thoughts on having 15,000 empty seats for the game this Sunday.

A: Well I mean it is tough you definitely want a full crowd to play in front of. That is looking like that is not going to be the case, but we will come out and play and try and put on a show for the fans that are in the stands. That is just about it, come out there and do what we can and show up and play football. The fans that are coming out to watch hopefully we can go out and get a win for them.

Q: You did get some snaps in the last game, but it wasn't necessarily snaps where you got the football.  How are you looking at your role now that you are not getting as many opportunities with the football?

A: That is just it, go out and take advantage of the ones that I do get. It is a different role for me, but I am going to go out and do what I am asked to do. That's going out there and being in pass protection, with the carries I do get try and make the most of those. Try and help us get wins anyway I can. We'll see what happens this weekend. It may be a different role this week, we don't know. I know C.J. (Spiller) will be the starting running back. He will get most of the bulk is what I'm hearing from Coach Gailey as well, but I will go out and continue to make plays and try and do what I can when I get those opportunities.

Q: Is that been okay with you?

A: Any player in this league wants to be on the field. This is about doing what we can to help the team win. That is what I am going to try and do when I am called upon I will try and make plays. I will continue to support my team. While C.J. is out there I will let him know what I am seeing and continue to support him.

Q: Are you impressed at the fans, there hasn't been a tremendous amount of success, they are still there even up to now.

A: Yea, you always like the support you are getting from fans. I love it. I will continue to try and feed off the ones that are out there and I know everyone in this locker room will do the same thing.

Q: Do the empty seats, do you hear that statement based on the way this team has played.

A: Well, I think we have something to do with that. We know that if we are winning football games we will get the stadium full and everybody out there trying to support us. That is on us we know we have to do some things to get this thing turned around and we won't have to worry about that.

Q: The offense is not executing efficiently, but also we are going on week 12. Shouldn't it be executing it at a higher level at this time in the season.

A: Well I mean you think so. You should. We know what is in the play book. We know what we have to do. It's about being consistent and doing it. There are times that we are not doing things, not seeing things, we are all not on the same page. That's the thing about offenses, when everybody is not on the same page you are not going to click well. We just have to eliminate that. We know that hopefully we can get that corrected going into the game this week.

Q: Do you have confidence in this scheme, is that wavering at all on what's going on, it seems that a lot of things are not making sense? A: I mean things are going to get thrown out there when you're not doing what you are suppose to do. We are 4-7 right now and that is not where we want to be. Everybody is going to be upset about that. The thing that we have to do is continue to have faith. I'm not wavering from it at all. I know Coach Gailey is going to do whatever he can to get us in the right situation. Everybody in this locker room has faith in him. We will go out and continue to play and hopefully make some more plays.

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