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Fred Jackson: "I have been given the green light"


RB Fred Jackson**

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Q: Did you pass everything?

A: I did. Yeah, I'll practice today. I'll be out there today. It is a good feeling to get back out there with my teammates and try to get this thing started.

Q: Do they still have to monitor you the rest of the week?

A: I'm sure they will, but as far as being cleared, I have been cleared to do everything, but with the training staff they are always going to be cautious. I'm sure they will continue to monitor everything that is going on. I will come in and probably do some more tests and who knows. As of right now, I have been given the green light to do whatever.

Q: So as of now it is all systems go? You fully expect to play Sunday, no issues?

A: Without a doubt. That was I think why we were so cautious in the first place, so that once I got back out here I could hit the ground running and be able to go out there and play.

Q: When you are dealing with the head, is this the type of injury… I know you want to be out on the football field, but just overall health. Is this more of a scary injury when you are dealing with the brain and head?

A: It is, especially with some of the things we have seen go on recently with things like the great Junior Seau, things like that. You want to be cautious and make sure you are taking the right steps that you can be healthy after this game. It is just a game; you got a life after it, after this game, which you have to think of. We are always going to take the most cautious road possible and as of right now all lights are green for me to go there and play.

Q: Will this make the team more likely to run on third and short with you in there?

A: Well I hope so. I think that is what a running back wants to do on third and short be the guy they can lean on and run the ball to get that.

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