Fred Jackson - Post Game

Bills Running back Fred Jackson

August 24, 2007

* *

On the importance of his ability to catch the ball

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Yes, coach (Steve) Fairchild likes to get us (running backs) out there as much as possible. We're part of the reads, so it's definitely important to show we can do it.


On his role on the team

* *

I really can't tell you. I just have to go out there and perform and hopefully make the decision even harder for them.


On being able to perform on special teams

* *

Yes.  I've been told that by the coaches. I'm definitely going to have to contribute on special teams to make the 53 man roster. We pride ourselves here in Buffalo on our special teams. So it's really an important part.


On his hit on special teams

* *

Oh man, I was looking backside and by the time I got my head around and saw him he was already right on me. It was just a shot to the ribs.



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