Fred Jackson: "We're not going in the tank"


On his reaction to the results of the game:

We didn't play well in the second half. Way too many turnovers, if you have turnovers like that against a team like that they're going to take advantage of them. We didn't do enough in the second half to help our defense. Way too many three and outs, again the turnovers. Giving them short fields and we didn't give our defense enough time to rest.

On how he felt:

I think I played ok, but I didn't make enough plays obviously to help us win. I had a key turnover that didn't help, there are a lot of things I can go look at and correct.

On Fred and CJ Spiller alternating series:

I think that was more the game plan going in. They want to get us both out there and get us the most touches that they can. For us to rotate every series is a way to keep us fresh and try and get some touches.

On any residual effects from the knee injury:

It's sore, it's what's expected, nothing new. I'll go in, rehab tomorrow, go do some rehab right now and hopefully keep it under control.

On missed opportunity and New England's performance:

We're all disappointed in this, this was an opportunity for us and we didn't take advantage of it. You've got to give (New England) credit, they had their back against the wall, came in and made plays when they had to.

On if New England did anything different in the second half:

You don't want to take anything from (New England) because they made plays. We shot ourselves in the foot with a lot of turnovers, not making plays when we had the opportunity to.

On re-focusing for next week and beyond:

We've got a long season ahead of us; we're not going to go in the tank so to speak. We know there's a long season and all we can do is come out and keep playing next week.

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