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Free agent TE Davis to weigh all options


Washington free agent tight end Fred Davis paid a visit to One Bills Drive on Thursday and left without signing a contract. With plans to also visit the New York Jets this week it's clear that Davis wants to weight all his options before deciding where to play in 2013 and possibly beyond.

"I will still see other teams. It's a business," said Davis. "You always have to see all your options before you make a decision. I won't make any fast decision. I want to wait and make sure I'm all the way confident and go from there."

Davis, whose 2012 season was cut in half due to a rupture Achilles said he is still talking with the team that made him a second-round draft pick in 2008.

"Yeah they're still an option for me," said Davis of the Washington Redskins. "We're still talking to them too so we'll see what happens."

The 27-year old tight end met with members of Buffalo's coaching staff and was encouraged to see what kind of role the tight end would play in their offensive scheme.

"A team like this would be (a fit)," said Davis of the Bills. "They have a lot of talent that I need. They have two good running backs. They have Stevie (Johnson). They have another tight end even though he got hurt who will come back. The defense is good. I think they have a lot of stuff that we can add more pieces to and get better. Any team that has a chance to win is what I want and this coaching staff seems to have that same focus."

Davis is a little over four months removed from Achilles tendon surgery. Rehabilitation typically can take up to a year, but the five-year veteran insists he'll be ready long before that.

"I'm way ahead of schedule for me. I don't know what it is for most guys," he said. "Terrell Suggs had his surgery and he came back in five months and played the last few games. Depending on how bad your Achilles was depends, but for me it's been maybe four and a half months and I'm running on the treadmill, doing drills, so I'm way ahead of schedule."

With the Bills and the Jets dealing with unsettled quarterback situations, returning to the Redskins to reunite with Robert Griffin III would seem to be the preference, but Davis was clear that he has an open mind and believe Buffalo will still add some more capable signal callers.

"They're scouting for guys right now and I think they'll draft one, I don't know for sure," said Davis. "I think that's the direction they're headed and I would be confident in that. I think there are some good guys in the draft right now and they have a high pick so I feel confident that they'll probably make a decision in that area."

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