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Hardest Hit: Nate Clements

In a category that is usually dominated by linebackers and defensive linemen, Nate Clements was a departure from the norm in 2007 for the Bills.

Though he was eighth on the team in tackles Buffalo's cornerback had his share of big shots including the one that earned him the Bills JetBlue Fan Award for 'Hardest Hit' this past season.

His pick up and dump of San Diego's Eric Parker in Week 13 was typical of Clements' play. A sure-handed tackler who can pack a punch Clements was in on his share of plays in 2006.

The Bills cornerback was relatively pleased with his performance this past season.

"I think I definitely put in some work," he said. "I think every year I put in more and more work, whether that's in the weight room, on the field or in the classroom. So I pride myself on putting in the studying and preparing my body physically and mentally so when Sunday comes I'm ready."

Clements could not have been more ready for his play on Parker which led to an incomplete pass on a 3rd-and-5 deep in Buffalo territory. It forced the Chargers high-scoring attack to settle for a field goal on an offensive possession for the first time in three games.

Nate's an excellent football player," said Bills defensive backs coach George Catavolos. "He had a very good year for us. Nate's just a complete corner, and one of the tops in the league."

"Maybe the thing that makes Nate a little bit different is that he is a physical corner too," said head coach Dick Jauron. "He's not necessarily just a coverage guy. He doesn't look at himself that way and we don't look at him that way."

And apparently fans don't look at him that way either. With Bills fans awarding him with the 'Hardest Hit' in 2006, it's obvious they recognize him as a cornerback who can deliver a blow.

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