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Head Coach Dick Jauron 8/5


PM Practice – August 5, 2008


On tonight's practice and the weather

We got lucky. It cooperated to some degree. It just started raining so hard that it made no sense to stay. We finished the period and then got off the field and waited about 10 minutes and it cleared up pretty good. We really didn't think we'd finish the practice. We thought we might get another two periods in and it'd come back, but we got lucky. We got lucky so it worked out well. I wish it hadn't rained because it drove some of our fans out and some of them don't get a great opportunity to see us so it's nice when they can get out and I wish it had stayed dry for them, but it worked out fine.


On rainy weather being good practice for game conditions

I don't think it's bad, quite frankly I'd rather it not [rain]. You can always get a wet ball and have a wet ball drill. When you have to play on a wet field, I guess, like I said, it probably does help you, I just assume avoid it. I worry about guys slipping and that kind of thing, sliding around the field, but it is good to handle the ball because you've got to handle the ball in any weather.


On the weather keeping James Hardy out

Yes it did. William James and James Hardy, we got them through individual [drills] and then we wanted to keep them off the field because it was wet. We just didn't want them slipping out there.


On Donte Whitner and Josh Reed

They're getting better. I know that our doctor will be back tomorrow, I believe, to recheck Josh [Reed]. Bud [Carpenter] said that Donte [Whitner] is feeling a lot better everyday. Again, it's one of those things where he doesn't feel that it's going to be long term, but we're going to be careful with them both.


On the MRI ruling out anything on Whitner

Probably should ask Bud that if you ever get a chance to talk to him.


On the quality of practice tonight despite the horrific weather

Almost always the same for me because if one side looks good the other side looks bad, so it's always kind of up and down for me. I've got no problem with their effort and their concentration. We certainly need to posses the ball. We need to hold onto the ball. And I told them afterwards that's everybody, offense, defense and special teams. If we have the ball we've got to protect it. And decision making sometimes is a little bit ragged. It's still early but we've got to correct those things.


On Matt Baker starting to get some reps in

I would say it's all very competitive out there, and we really like Matt [Baker]. He's a very upbeat guy, he's a very smart guy and he works at it. So he's been a good addition for us and we'll just have to wait and see where it goes.


On Derek Schouman getting reps with the first team

He's a smart guy and a tough guy. He does a little bit of everything. He'll battle you in the running game and hang in there. He's smart in the passing game and he is learning the game. He's a tough guy and plays special teams for us. He's just a good, solid football player.


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