How Bills Mafia can help Dawson Knox & OJ Howard raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo

Dawson Knox (88) and O.J. Howard (8). The Buffalo Bills workout at One Bills Drive during the second week of OTA on April 26, 2022. Photo by Ben Green

For the second straight year, many of the league's tight ends will meet in Nashville for Tight End University (TEU).

Bills' tight end Dawson Knox attended last year and said he gained so much knowledge from the gathering. This year, TEU is scheduled for June 22-24 and both Knox and OJ Howard will be in attendance.

To gear up for this year's summit, Bridgestone teamed up with Tight End University for an online fundraising competition that benefits Boys & Girls Clubs across America. Both Knox and Howard will be representing the Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo.

Bills Mafia, here's where you can help. To show your support for the Bills' tight ends and the Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo, click here, select either Knox or Howard and donate what you can. All of the money raised will go directly to the Club. The Club of the player with the most money raised will receive an additional $50,000.

"It means a lot because I know the Boys and Girls Club here is pretty amazing," Knox said. "I know we have the best fans in the whole country. So, I know they're going to do a great job raising some money, and hopefully, we'll get a little bonus by the end of it."

Howard missed the opportunity to go to TEU last year because he was rehabbing an injury. He's excited to get the chance to experience it later this month. He's even more thrilled to be a part of this fundraiser to help the Boys and Girls Club, an organization that's very close to his heart.

"It's important because, for me, I've actually attended the Boys and Girls Club growing up back in Alabama," Howard shared. "So, it's a place where you can go meet so many friends and keep friends for life and memories. It puts you around different activities every day. It helped me build on so many things that you could use in life for years to come.

"As far as like improving personality, working well with others, learning how to adapt, being around athletes who are actually better than you and you become a better because of that. I just think that the Boys and Girls Club, in general, is such a big platform for kids all over the world."

This competition runs through Monday, June 20. For more information on this fundraising competition, click here.

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