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What we learned from Sean McDermott at 2022 Bills Mandatory Minicamp

Sean McDermott.  Week One of Buffalo Bills OTA's, May 24, 2022.   Photo by Bill Wippert
Sean McDermott. Week One of Buffalo Bills OTA's, May 24, 2022. Photo by Bill Wippert

1. McDermott's statement on the Pegula family

On Tuesday morning, the Pegulas put out a statement saying that owner and team president, Kim Pegula, was receiving medical care because of unexpected health issues.

Ahead of head coach Sean McDermott's minicamp press conference, he had this to say regarding the situation.

"Before we get started, I just want to open up with a couple of words about Terry and Kim, and what they're going through," McDermott shared. "Let them know that our thoughts and our prayers are with them. What they've done for me, for my family, for this team, and this city, and Western New York. Just being there for them, all of us collectively, offering our prayers our support, and giving them the privacy that they need, I think is important during this time."

The Pegula family has done so much for the City of Buffalo and the Bills organization as a whole. McDermott expressed his gratitude to the Pegula's for what all they've done for him, his coaching career, and his family.

"In my mind, they're the best owners in the NFL," McDermott said. "And I'm probably biased but that's how I feel in my heart. I think if you look at what they've done for Western New York. What they've done for this organization and for the multiple organizations and companies that they own around here. And then personally, what they've done for me and my family, I don't know that I'll ever be able to repay them. So, we love them. And more than anything, we just want to be there for him right now."

2. 100% Attendance for Bills Mandatory Minicamp

Throughout the offseason, the Bills have had very good participation numbers. A few veteran players weren't at all the OTAs, but the attendance rate was one the coaches were proud of.

McDermott shared before the team's first mandatory minicamp practice that every player is at One Bills Drive on Tuesday. The Bills' coach was happy to see safety Jordan Poyer in the building again this offseason. Poyer has been training on his own throughout the spring and McDermott is excited to see him reunited with his teammates on the field once again.

"Yeah, it's important," McDermott said about Poyer's attendance. "He's one of the leaders of our team. It's good to see his face in here, on a personal level. Then just to get him around the team and I'm sure those guys were happy to see him as well. So, it looks like he's been working and we're looking forward to spending some time with him in the next couple of days."

3. Importance of minicamp for coaches in new roles on staff

The Bills' coaching staff brings a lot of continuity from 2021 to 2022. Most of the staff is the same but some coaches have a new title with different responsibilities this season.

With the coaching staff finding their groove throughout OTAs, McDermott explained why this minicamp is crucial for them to button things up before training camp begins next month.

"It's huge," McDermott said. "You want to be able to throw all the paint on the palette over the course of the spring and then really start to chisel it down. So that when you come back for training camp, you've got a good, defined, and clear plan as to what you want to do. And how you want to approach it, how you want to attack things, and how you see, at least on the surface, at the beginning of it all, how training camp is unfolding."

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