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Important date in Bills history - 100 wins in the 90's


Important dates in Bills history presented by M&T bank helps fans understand what's important. In the NFL, being the best is important. The Bills cemented their place as the best AFC team of the 1990s when they became the sixth NFL team in history to win 100 games in one decade.

The Bills win on November 28, 1999 was not a pretty one. Quarterback Doug Flutie completed only nine passes, and the team's leading rusher, running back Jonathan Linton picked up only 67 yards on the ground. Nevertheless, the Bills put together three scoring drives, and it was enough to beat the visiting New England Patriots 17-7 for the franchise's 100th win in the 1990s.

On their second drive of the game, the Bills capitalized on 47 yards of Patriots penalties get into field goal range for kicker Steve Christie, who gave them a 3-0 lead. The Bills offense had zero yards rushing and 23 yards passing on the scoring drive.

In the final two minutes of the first half, Flutie delivered what proved to be the decisive touchdown, when he connected with wide receiver Eric Moulds for a 54-yard strike to make it 10-0. Flutie completed two passes for 58 yards on the two-play, 36 second-long drive.

Flutie's arm came alive one more time early in the third quarter, when he completed two passes for 76 yards and a touchdown on a three play, 80 yard drive. Flutie found rookie tight end Bobby Collins for 45 yards before hooking up with full back Sam Gash for a 31-yard score to put the Bills ahead 17-0.

With the victory, the Bills joined the Dallas Cowboys (105 wins, 1970s), Miami Dolphins (104 wins, 1970s), Oakland Raiders (100 wins, 1970s), and San Francisco 49ers (104 wins, 1980s; 113 wins 1990s) as members of the "100 wins in a decade" club. Since the Bills achieved the feat, six more teams have reached the milestone.

Despite only a few highlights on an otherwise slow offensive day, Flutie and the Bills did enough to dispense with the Patriots and accomplish a milestone which few other organizations have. The Bills would win three of their remaining five games and finish the decade with a 103-57 record, the best in the AFC. They cemented that status on November 28, 1999.

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