Jairus Byrd: "It was a must-win"



Q: What made the run defense so effective?

A: Honestly, everybody was in their gaps. I've talked about it in games where the runs have gotten out of there, people just weren't in their gaps or not doing the little things and today we were swarming to the ball. I mean there weren't lanes and if there were they closed quick. So everyone just did a great job.

Q: Some people were talking about using this game to spark the team, would you say this did?

A:  Yeah it does, we dug this hole for ourselves so every game is a must win and we are approaching it as we're kind of forgetting what was behind and saying it is a seven game season, whatever it is. We are just focusing on what is ahead not behind.

Q: Talk about the fumble recovery?  Did you see the ball come out at the last second there?

A: Yeah, I saw Stephon hit the ball so it kind of came out a little and then once I saw it come out, I tried to swipe the ball away. I guess on the replay, it was already falling out and I tried to get it away and pick it up and that is kind of how that one went.

Q: Defense look energized, talk about the energy of the team playing on such a short week?

A: I mean a Thursday night prime time game, you're going to have natural adrenaline to be up for this game. To play on such short notice you have rely on your adrenaline to get you over the top because you are tired. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow. Seeing the predicament we are in, it was a must win. We had no choice but to go out and play hard.

Q: On the last drive, is it based off assignments? A: It was more based on assignment. They were kind of hurrying up kind of like muddle huddling so we really didn't have time to say anything. We just had to do what we had to do and tackle them in bounds.  One tackle in bounds because they were out of timeouts would do it. We just focused on making sure, we corralled them in bounds.

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