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Jauron hopeful about Lynch

There's no denying that Marshawn Lynch is ahead of schedule in his recovery from a high ankle sprain suffered almost a month ago, but Bills head coach Dick Jauron isn't ready to jump to conclusions about his feature back's status for Sunday.

"Marshawn has made a lot of progress and faster than we anticipated. But we're still up to the fourth game," Jauron said. "We're hopeful, but I don't want to overstep it right now."

Jauron called Lynch and the other injured players from last week "day-to-day", which is certainly more positive than week-to-week as had been the case for the rookie tailback.

Lynch practiced for the first time since the injury last Friday, but he was very limited.

"Last Friday was his first practice of any sort at all and he just participated on a minor basis," said Jauron. "But he did okay. Hopefully these next few days the healing will go even further and he'll start testing it on Wednesday."

Ironically, Lynch suffered the injury almost a month ago against the Dolphins and Buffalo hosts Miami Sunday.

Other injuries
Buffalo's head coach just provided a general overview of the other injured players from Sunday's game, as well as those who were nursing injuries leading up to the game.

"The guys that were injured last week we'll know a lot more about Wednesday," said Jauron. "That includes Marshawn. It will kind of be day by day with those guys."

Jerametrius Butler (calf), Chris Kelsay (ankle), Anthony Thomas (torn muscle) and Coy Wire (neck) did not play Sunday.

Reserve defensive end Copeland Bryan, who saw his first action with the Bills Sunday, suffered a knee injury and could not return to the game.

"Copeland Bryan we'll know more about on Wednesday," said Jauron. "I guess the trainers need 48 hours for diagnosis."

Jauron said he did not know if MRIs were scheduled for Bryan's knee.

Terrence McGee missed a few plays in the game, but did return for the next series. Jason Peters left the game in the first half, but returned.

"Jason went out and Jason's (injury) was a groin and he finished," said Jauron. "When I watched the tape he finished pretty well. He played well after the injury so we're optimistic there."

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