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Jills Cheerleader auditions: Blog #2

During the next two weeks, a couple of **Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders** will team up with their Director, a former Jill herself, to go behind-the-scenes and provide their insight to the Jills Cheerleader audition process. In today's second installment here on, Lisa, a three-year Jills veteran, Natalie, the rookie, and Stephanie Mateczun, Director of the Jills Cheerleaders, share their experiences, thoughts and expectations before tomorrow's big day in front of the judges and fans.

The final workshop is over and now it is time for first cuts! There were some new faces last night to learn the routine but over-all, everyone was looking strong and confident in the dance.

Last night was a great opportunity for everyone to get to perform in front of people and really get the routine memorized which will hopefully ease some of the nervous on Saturday. The next 24 hours are going to feel like a lifetime but no matter what happens at the end of the day tomorrow, this has been such an amazing experience and I have met some awesome people along the way. 

I can be happy knowing I have been true to myself and done the best I could throughout this process.  For now I will just have to get ready for the 45 seconds I will have tomorrow to prove myself and then wait, and wait, and wait for the results!

Big day tomorrow!  I had a great workout at the gym last night so I'm using today to relax and prepare. I'm meeting up with the veterans tonight for a light dinner and some team bonding before the new season begins.

We had an additional workshop last night for any last minute questions and review of the dance. I was really impressed by a lot of girls that improved so much since Sunday.

As veterans we have to privilege to select our auditions numbers and once again Valerie and I are first up! It's nice to get it over with early and once we're done we get to sit and enjoy the show.

I can't wait to see everyone looking their best tomorrow.  Good luck girls! It's all about confidence!

Last night was an additional practice workshop and we had so many young ladies come out for the extra practice. Lots of new faces too which is great!

Nichole (Jills Coordinator) and I had a lot of fun watching the bright eyes of the new girls. It's also great to see the progress of the girls who learned the dance last Sunday. Some come back with it completely mastered!  Many young ladies have also visited our hair stylist and make-up artist to learn the "Jills Look" and come to the open practice for us to check if they have the right look for auditions tomorrow.

Along with the excitement come a lot of nerves. The competition is looking tight and every girl, new and old (previous Jills) have to fight for their spots. I'm excited for things to get going tomorrow.

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