Jills Cheerleader first cuts: Blog #3


During the next two weeks, two **Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders** team up to go behind-the-scenes and provide their insight to the Jills Cheerleader audition process. In today's third installment here on BuffaloBills.com, Lisa, a three-year Jills veteran and Natalie, the rookie, share their tryout experiences.

Natalie, the rookie:

Phew! I made it through the first cuts. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the next few days. 

The auditions went great . You could see how much everyone wanted to make the first cut because they really brought their A-game.   When I first arrived at the convention center Saturday morning I received my number, 38, so I was pretty close to the middle of the group.

It felt like hours went by before it was finally my turn to perform and after my 45 seconds on stage the rest of the day flew by, until we were waiting for results, that is.  Once the judges went in the back to calculate the scores the half hour we waited was never ending!

I have been in a large number of cheerleading/dance competitions before but nothing compared to the pressure and nerves I felt while waiting to see if my number would be shown on the big screen.  When I finally did see my number I felt a huge rush of excitement that I had made it to the next step of the process.  Although I was feeling so happy, it was bitter-sweet to see some of the girls I had become so close with, have their journeys end.

The next part of auditions will continue with a final dance day next week before interviews start.  I can't help but still feel extremely nervous because they have now cut it down to the best of the best.  They are going to get a much closer look at your abilities as a dancer as well as who you are as a person and see if you a good fit for their program. 

I will have to really stand out and show my personality and make sure they see how badly I want to be a part of their team!

One round is done, three more to go!

The first cut is always the biggest and the most stressful especially for veterans.

We love meeting the new girls and helping them through the audition process but we're still fighting to keep our own spot on the team. Overall, it's a very emotional day with lots of tears of joy and sadness. I hope that girls who didn't make it this time around come back next year and try again.

I auditioned four years ago and wasn't selected for the final team. Since then I've received awards for Rookie of the Year and Veteran of the Year and have had so many amazing experiences. My life wouldn't be the same if I had decided to give up.

We continue the audition process this week. In the first round we are taught a dance and then given a week to perfect it. The second round is much more difficult. We are taught another dance along with a cheer then asked to perform them that night.

More cuts will be made next week, then again following rookie interviews.

The new season is almost here!

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