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Jills first day in Kuwait a hit


Kelly, Buffalo Jills Cheerleader, shares some thoughts on the Jills trip to visit the United States troops in Kuwait. Kelly, and the rest of the Jills, will share their experiences and photos with throughout the week.

Kelly on the flight over:
We all were split up last minute and had to sit by ourselves in a row of people we didn't know. This worried me only because (oddly enough) I have a terrible fear of flying!

I thought I could get through the short flight to New York City, on my own, but quickly started to panic after take-off when we hit a bout of turbulence. The only thing that ever seems to settle my nerves is talking to the person next to me to distract me from the flight. I held out for maybe five minutes before turning to the woman seated next to the window. I tapped her shoulder and asked if she wouldn't mind talking to me for a little while so I could get through the flight.

She was so sweet and introduced herself..."Mary." Mary then told me she was visiting family in Buffalo and flew in from Sacramento, California to watch the Bills game! She has been a Bills fan for years and was so proud of the way our team has been playing.

I shared with her that I was a **Buffalo Jills Cheerleader** and we are traveling to Iraq to visit our troops. Wouldn't you know, her husband is stationed at COB Adder in Iraq and has been gone since May. She asked that if I happen to end up at his base to pass a message along that his wife "misses him and loves him."

I think that was the first sense of what an impact we have in going to visit our troops, and what a small difference we can make bringing some hometown spirit to loved ones!

It was a great start to the trip! I look forward to sharing more stories soon! :) Kelly

Regarding their first show in Kuwait:

Hi Everyone!

We're writing you from the laundry room right now because that's the only place that wifi works in this building. It's about 1:00 a.m. here and we just got back from doing our first amazing! The guys were hysterical...they cheered so loud the whole time. Any time there was a little dance move they went nuts.

We fly out of Kuwait at 4:00 a.m. so unfortunately there will be no time for sleep tonight. We won't know the rest of our schedule until we get to Iraq. Miss you all so much, we wish all of you could be here with us.

It's about 80 degrees, sunny, sandy, everything is tan and we might smell bad, but we're having an amazing time. Not sure when we'll get a chance to write again, but hopefully we'll talk to you soon!


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