Jon Stinchcomb on Doug Marrone


Former New Orleans Saints Offensive Tackle Jon Stinchcomb:

"I was truly fortunate to be under Coach Marrone's tutelage both at the University of Georgia and for three years with the New Orleans Saints. In my opinion he was the best position coach that I was ever able to work with. He really had a knack and passion for the game of football, was very detail-oriented and driven to be able to coach each player into becoming the best possible player they could be. On a personal level, I just really appreciate everything he did for me along the way and I know I'm a much better player because of his leadership than if our paths had never crossed.

"Doug's been exposed to a number of different styles and coaching staffs, having been around the game at both levels. He has a number of pools to pull from. He's a smart man. I know during our game weeks where the coaches would put in a lot of hours, he was very hands-on in developing our game plan. Anytime you have a person of his intelligence, they'll always find ways to attack a defense."

Doug's top qualities: "I think everything that Doug did was calculated and planned. When he was looking at the Syracuse job, he had a notebook full of things detailing how he wanted to coach and improve the program. He's very detail-oriented and passionate. With the combination of those qualities, I expect Buffalo to be successful under his leadership."

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