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JP Losman - PM Practice


After Practice – AUGUST 14, 2007


On practice today

To be honest with you I thought today was a great day regardless of the interceptions. There are a lot of reasons why those happened but as far as everything goes today I think we had a good day. Two of the balls I just babied them in there and usually that's never the case with me but it was today. Today was good overall. We did some good things. Hit some things that we weren't hitting before. We were able to hit some shutdowns today which we were striving for. Just getting quicker with that and recognizing it just a hitch quicker so those were all happening today which was all positive.


On the defense "cheating" a bit after seeing so much of JP in practice

They are using their familiarity with certain guys' splits. They see guys day in and day out so if a guy is leaning a little bit they know what he likes to do. Jabari Greer is probably the best at it. He's really good at it but he had two picks in the game so good for him. In a 7-on-7 that's where the ball has to go. In the game he has to check run first. For instance on 7-on-7 he's not checking that run but that's where the read takes him and that's what we're designed to do. In a game he would have had to step up too.


On whether or not he's looking forward to Marshawn Lynch getting more playing time

He's been exciting to watch in practice. I don't know what the reasoning was, why he only got a few snaps during the game. I'm sure as the offense starts to play a little bit more and open it up a little bit more, try some more things, he'll get a few more chances and people will get to see what he has to offer.


On whether or not he sees an increase in confidence in Josh Reed

I don't know if I was here for that because ever since I've been here he's had that confidence. In my first couple of years it was kind of a swirl so I really wasn't paying attention to those types of things. Last year I thought his confidence was right where it's supposed to be. This year his confidence is even more than that so that's what you want to see from him. He's a smart player. He knows exactly what to do. I think that's what also is breeding confidence in him. I think he is starting to realize that everyone is starting to see that in him; how good he can read defenses and things like that. All of that is positive for his confidence. In terms of him overcoming (a lack of) confidence, I think it says a lot about his character. I've heard the stories and I know what the story is. For a guy to overcome something like that; I've had to overcome some things myself; I think it's a credit to his character.


On being able to relate to rookie quarterback Trent Edwards

I'm sure it's starting to be a little bit much. The positive thing is when he does know what the play is he is doing a fine job with it. That's something you can build on. He had some early highlights in the beginning of camp which is great to see from a young kid. Right now, it's taken a toll on him a little bit. He's hiding it pretty well. I'll have to ask him after this interview.


On whether or not he thinks about which receivers he has confidence in while making a read in a game

Sure. For instance you'll have a crossing route and you have a guy who is zone and a guy who is man. You kind of want to anticipate that a little because if he stops and breaks in zone then you throw it he's going to get tackled pretty fast or the (defender) might get a hand in there. I have to anticipate it. I know when that guy is crossing over and he sees zone, he's going to stop right in the middle of those two defenders. He's not going to lean to one side or the other. You know exactly where he is going to stop all the time. With that comes a more confident throw. That ball isn't floating. A guy who doesn't run hard on all routes and he's running down the middle of the field and I float one a little bit because I didn't know if he was running fast or not, you have to time to think about that type of thing. Most quarterbacks would be like 'I'm not even going to mess with it and I'm just going to check it down' when we could have had a big play there. That's huge for receivers and tight ends and running backs to realize how important that is to a quarterback.



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